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Cardiovascular Conditions and Disorders Support Group


Our support group for Cardiovascular Conditions and Disorders has 17 questions and 14 members. Updated 14 Mar 2023.

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How can you check for heart disease at home?

Is excessive sweating a sign of heart disease?

Is high blood pressure considered heart disease?

Is cardiovascular disease the same as heart disease or coronary heart disease?

Can an EKG detect heart disease?

How many people die from heart disease every year in the US?

How do you reverse heart disease naturally?

How do you know if you have heart disease?

Wat does 'c' stands for in c-reactive protein?

Is it ok to Split my Pills in Half?

Antabuse and Cardiovascular Disease?

The Do's and Don'ts of Tablet-Splitting

Ask the Pharmacist your COVID-19 Questions

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How does family history affect heart disease?

What are the risks for severe COVID-19?

Preparing your Medications for Emergencies

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