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Haloperidol Questions

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Has anyone tried haloperidol for Migraines?

Has anyone been given this drug to try by IV for acute treatment of migraines I am about to be given this drug as a one of trial to see if it helps with the migraine.

Haloperidol - Does haldol cause weight gain?

I have been on lithium but now haldol for bipolar with mania and schizoaffective. Was on zyprexa in past and just lost all the weight I gained from it.

Haloperidol for anxiety - does anyone have any experience with this?

My doctor just gave me Haloperidol to take in addition to Klonopin 1mg 4x day?for my anxiety.I take the Haloperidol at night.I'm on Viibryd 20 mg for depression,Verapamil 40 mg for migraine plus amitriptyline 10 mg to help keep me from getting them(Amitriptyline at night.).I don't know if... read more

Haloperidol, does it work? Will the insomnia go away? I have uncontollable shaking too. Please help?

Hi, i just started haloperidal 2 weeks ago. I was on respiridone for 2 months and then they switched me to haloperidol overnight. I have not been able to sleep normally. Its like i have severe insomnia. Will it go away, or should i go back to respiridone (i had sleeplessness) with that one too. I... read more

What is haloperidol? can you get high off of it? I found it in my brothers room?

its a liquid, brown bottle.. with oral dispenceer. script had to be from his girlfriend that works at assisted living with the elderly

When giving an I.M can you give the 2 injections in the same needle by changing the syringe?

example of this being ativan in one syringe and haloperidol in the other. Can the syringe be changed while the needle is in the person

I cannot sleep well sometime on seroquel xr. What can I take along with seroquel xr to sleep?

I was taken off haloperidol and benztropine because of too many side effects I could not deal with. He put me on seroquel xr. 50mg. This medication I do love because of one side effect and that is a lack of sleep. I am a paranoia schizaphrenia and just want to get a good night sleep. I have always... read more

Is haloperidol used commonly for cancer patients on hospice care?

My Father was given haloperidol prn to treat anxiety or nausea. Is this the norm?

What effects would haloperidol have on someone with Parkinson's disease?

I know that haloperidol is a drug that blocks dopamine synapses, but how can it be used then for patients with mental illness.

My mother has dementia and does not sleep at night. She was given haloperidol to help her sleep. She

... took it before bed and she still was up all night.Is this good for sleeping?

Is morphine and haloperidol and lorazepam together used to treat COPD?

They started my mom on these drugs,and she went from walking, talking, eating, one day to what looks to me like she is in acoma to me. Can you tell me if these drugs should be used like this please?

Will Haloperidol cause you to gain weight?

Haloperidol - How do you counteract some of the side effects. ie: sleepiness & lack of energy?

How can you counteract the narcolepsia (Sleepness ) and lack of energy. Any meds that can be taken together that will reduce that?

Haloperidol - Haldol dosage and insomnia?

I have read so much negative about haldol but found this site that has some positive. Haldol works for my son. He was taking 5 mg a day along with depakote for a year and a half of stabilization and no inpatient hospitalization.Unfortunately he stopped taking it when I told him how good he's... read more

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