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Gouty Arthritis Questions

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Does prednisone elevate blood pressure?

Posted 19 Feb 2014 by Grandkids7 3 answers

I take 5 mg prednisone per day. This week the doctor has prescribed mega doses for a condition. My blood pressure is elevated. 166/90. I am 85 year old female

Has anyone been on Lexapro and Prednisone at the same time? I had a high ANA titer and they?

Posted 16 Jan 2016 by blaaccypher 4 answers

Started me on the Prednisone as a precaution pretty high dose. I have been on it before for two years but not with Lexapro. Please help!!!

Prednisone - My 81 year old mum has Cronic gout through out her body can this drug help her?

Posted 12 Apr 2016 by 1st lady 1 1 answer

She's been put on naproxen for the 3rd time but only for a week. It seems that as she comes off them the gout attack comes back. She doesn't drink alcohol & doesn't eat offal see food etc. Can this tablet help? Thank you

Gouty Arthritis - Should Allopurinol 100mg, be taken once daily with Colgout 0.50mg ?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by Owch 1 answer

I have been prescibed Allopurinol and Colgout to be taken together. 180 days of colgout ! I am still getting severe stiffening and pain in my joints. Should these two medications be taken together ? Should colgout be taken for so long ?

Unsuccessful Prednisone treatment with 50 mg over 5 days?

Posted 5 Apr 2015 by TTerng52 1 answer

It is in both left elbow and knee. I have dvt;s and am unsure if there is any relationship. Pain is very significant. Have been on Uloric for 6 months. What options are left? I am spending too much time in bed. It seems to also cause flairs in all areas of the spine.

Gout attacks using Prednisone for outbreaks, should I use a daily med?

Posted 12 Feb 2011 by Bad Brad 1 answer

I was diagnosis with Leukemia after a biopsy it was found to be Sarcoidosis the doctor wanted to put me on Prednisone but I elected to do nothing because I was not having any serious issues other than reduction in breathing. Last year I had an attack of Gout (painful) caused by arthritis in my toe, ...

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