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Gastroparesis Questions

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What can we try instead of Reglan to treat Gastroparesis?

My mother has taken Reglan for years, but has now come off the drug because of a diagnosis of tardive dyskinesia. Her symptoms are very bad to the point where we thought she had parkinson's disease. She is diabetic, has GERD and also Gastroparesis and the Reglan did help in digestion. Now we... read more

Marinol - My 89 year old mother has been suffering from persistent nausea for over 2 years. The?

... doctors don't know the cause. Phenergan and zofran don't seem to help much. She also has gastroparesis and they've started her on erythromycin, hoping to improve stomach motility and decrease nausea, but no improvement yet. Help!

How common is it to get tardive dyskinesia from taking reglan? Are there any alternatives to take?

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis and the Dr has prescribed reglan. I haven't started taking it yet due to reading about the side effects of it. The one that most concerns me is tardive dyskinesia. How common is it for people to get that while taking this med? I wouldn't be so... read more

I am a diabetic and use toradol shots every 8 days, is there a large risk?

My toradol shots are 60mg, I take insulin once a day, these shots help a lot as I have a bad back and hips.

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis, anyone had any luck with Bentyl, Zofran, and Mirtazapine.

I am currently taking Bentyl, Zofran, and Mirtazapine. Has anyone else had any luck with these meds for this condition? Im also on Erythromycin as well. They are awaiting avail. of a stomach pacemaker to help my condition. I'd be grateful for anyone's input and support! Thanks

Gastroparesis - HI! I was just diagnosed with GP on the 7th of this month! I have been in misery for

... over a month. I have non-stop pain along my sides, my rib area, mid chest feels like someone is stabbing me all the time. I have back pain and nausea non stop. When I say my sides I literally mean my sides not my abdomen. Are these symptoms others have with GP? I went to the ER twice and they... read more

Gastroparesis and taking my meds, a delay in meds working?

Ever since I was diagnosed in '07/2011, it seems to me that it takes much longer for my meds to take affect. I have a pacemaker implanted to make my stomach work. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of situation. I can take my tramadol and it takes up to 4 hours to get... read more

I have had gastroparesis for a very long time but was diagnosed 10 years ago in 2003. I suggest?

... to every gastroparesis sufferer to try Trazadone. It is very cheap and helps a LOT with the nausea and vomiting. I know it works because if I miss a dose of Trazadone I end up in the ER with uncontrollable vomiting. I ask for an IV trazadone and it works in a couple of hours. I also take... read more

Gastroparesis - abdomen popping-GP or something else?

i was diagnosed with gastroparesis a couple months ago. every couple time a week at least one a week i get this popping feeling in my stomach kinda where my intestines would be. its normally a little after lunch which for me is just one pediasure. would this popping feeling be gastroparesis related... read more

Gastroparesis and constipation: what works?

I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis, and also esophageal spasms, and chronic constipation. So, I haven't gone in several days, despite daily Lizness and Miralax. I am currently doing prep for colonoscopy. I already drink massive amounts of water, so not concerned about dehydration. So I... read more

Spacing medications to avoid any interactions. Doctor wants the famot & pantop taken together?

I’m trying to rearrange the schedule of my medications. I take famotidine & pantoprazole together. Then one hour later Motegrity. Next is 10ml extra-strength Mylanta an hour after the Motegrity. Half hour later is breakfast. Is this a safe or reasonable schedule for these meds?

Polyethylene Glycol 3350 - I am type 2 diabetic and suffer from gastroparesis. I have been taking?

... this medicine ightly for over 7 years, under doctor supervision. I have always had a prescription and followed the instructions. Now there is an over the counter version. PLEASE tell me if the OTC is equal to and identical the Rx and if so then why would there be a need/option for Rx? This is... read more

Ondansetron - Gastroparesis problem - question on dosage of Zofran?

My gastroparesis started acting up and my Doctor sent me 4mg of Zofran. It didn’t work and gave me a headache. Can I increase the dosage to 8mg safely and will taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen help with the headaches.

Can I take metoclopramide hcl on an as needed basis like after I eat and feel too full?

May I take this medicine on an as needed basis?

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