... over a month. I have non-stop pain along my sides, my rib area, mid chest feels like someone is stabbing me all the time. I have back pain and nausea non stop. When I say my sides I literally mean my sides not my abdomen. Are these symptoms others have with GP? I went to the ER twice and they blew me off, as well as several other doctors that blew me off! One GI Dr. I went to even had the nerve to tell me that she just met me, but I seem like a depressed person. And if she had 5 kids at home she'd be depressed too (I have 5 kids from 7-1)! And said that my pain was NOT GI related but psychological! And I do suffer from depression but am on meds for it and ACTUALLY I am not depressed at all. I was ready to give up when I left her office b/c I was thinking that all Dr.'s were going to think that b/c I'm on antidepressants I'm not really in pain.Then I finally found a Dr. that would listen to me. HE ordered a bunch of test and I had an endoscopy on the 7th and that is when he diagnosed me with GP. I am overweight and not loosing weight. Is there anyone else out there like this? I do not have diabetes either. I have been trying to research this disease but don't find much information on it-except that most people loose a lot of weight fast. I have not lost a pound? Could I be misdiagnosed? I just feel so lost and don't know where to turn? Thanks for reading sorry it's so long:)