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Gastrointestinal Disorders Questions

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What is Trimebutine used for?

Why is there blood in my stool? What does it mean?

Gastrointestinal Disorders - OUCH!! Help the last two days have felt pressure and bloating right?

... above my pelvis. Feels like I have to empty my bladder but I don't its are my waistline. And I am have quick pin prick stabbing pains around my navel. What could this be??

Gastrointestinal Diverticula - Is it safe to take miralax or milk of magnesia while having a bout of

... diverticulitus? I've Been having small thin stools and last night I had aweful bloating in my upper tummy area. I'm on antiobiotics and bentyl since yesterday. I'm not sure what's causing the bloating And small stools. I was diognosed a month ago. So I'm new to all of... read more

How long will bloating from Doxycycline last?

Hi everyone. Near the end of September, I started a 14 day course of Doxycyclin (the specific brand name was Cyclidox). 100mg twice a day, with lots of water, an hour before meals, as instructed. During the course I experienced severe bloating, trapped gas, abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, and... read more

Can lisinopril cause gastrointestinal issues?

Been taking for 5 years and just developed new symptoms

Gastroparesis and taking my meds, a delay in meds working?

Ever since I was diagnosed in '07/2011, it seems to me that it takes much longer for my meds to take affect. I have a pacemaker implanted to make my stomach work. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of situation. I can take my tramadol and it takes up to 4 hours to get... read more

Gastrointestinal Disorders - Does anyone burp a rotten egg smell or Sulfur..& what causes it?

I'm really confused :( Iv gotten differing diagnoses & prescriptions since I was 15 for my stomach problems. ie; Heartburn, IBS, gastric reflux? I have constipation, pretty sure it's from the meds I take. My bowels dont move unless I take a laxative. I put myself on a bland diet... read more

Constipation keeps coming back?

Since about May of this year, I have had pretty much constant constipation, in the fact that I have had 8 goLytely colon clean outs, many enema's, and one colonoscopy in late July. I am currently taking miralax everyday 2-3 times a day prescribed by my GI, as well as a constipated med called... read more

How long do gastrointestinal side effects of escitalopram (Lexapro) last?

I've started back on escitalopram after not taking it for a year. I started it back up slowly, taking only 5mg, then 10, 15, and just a week ago I started taking the full 20mg that I used to be on. I was okay at first, not much in the way of side effects other than general sleepiness(which I... read more

What OTC drugs relieve tripledemic symptoms in kids?

Aricept side effects - gastro and fainting - what to do?

My Mom has been taking Namenda for a couple of yrs. We tried to add Exelon twice, but had to stop due to gastrointestinal problems. We're now trying 5 mg/day of Aricept and after one week is already experiencing diarrhea. Has anyone come up with a solution short of taking her off the Aricept?... read more

How do you know if its an obstruction?

Hi, have been reading many of your accounts and am trying to figure out if I need to go to ER or continue to wait it out. I have a history of abdominal pain, have been scoped every couple of years going back a decade or so, doc never finds anything wrong and says its constipation. I also have a... read more

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