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Topamax weight loss side effect: dosage?

Hi everyone, I've been put on topamax to hopefully assist with weight loss as am obese and am really struggling with food. I've just titrated up to 75mg (25 in morning and 50 at night) and have so far found no changes in appetite and no weight loss. I realise weight loss is only a... read more

Should doxycycline be taken with food?

What foods should I avoid when taking omeprazole?

What foods should I eat or avoid when taking Rybelsus?

What foods should I eat or avoid for hypoglycemia?

Can you take metformin without food?

Taking Ozempic: What foods should you avoid?

Do I need to eat food when taking atorvastatin?

Should gabapentin be taken with food?

Amoxicillin for ear infection: Take how many times a day?

My husband is healthy and on no other medication. Should amoxicillin 500mg be taken on an empty stomach or with food? Also how many times a day should he take it?

What foods should I avoid while on Saxenda?

What foods should be avoided when taking levodopa?

Are there any foods I should avoid while taking amoxicillin?

Should I avoid things like: cheese, ice cream, other dairy foods, or any other foods, while I am taking amoxicillin?

What food should I avoid while taking Ofev?

Which foods should be avoided while taking Enbrel?

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