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Fluocinonide Questions

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Is fluocinonide used for hair loss?

What is a substitute for fluocinonide cream?

Is fluocinonide safe to use on your face?

What causes Plaque Psoriasis?

Is fluocinonide an antifungal cream?

How long should you use fluocinonide for?

What is fluocinonide cream good for?

Is fluocinonide a steroid?

Can fluocinonide be used to treat a poison ivy rash?

Is fluocinonide an antibiotic?

Can Fluocinonide be Used to Treat Hair Loss?

Fluocinonide - I was prescribed Fluocinonide topical solution for extreme hair loss, to be applied twice day. No where have I seen that this drug will help with hair loss? Can you answer this for me? I am a female and have had extreme hair loss in the last month, you can see my scalp and this all... read more

Is fluocinonide used a treatment for ringworm?

Can I use fluocinonide and castor oil for hair regrowth?

I am a 20 year old female suffering from thinning hair. My dermatologist prescribed me fluocinonide topical solution 0.05% to calm my itchy dry scalp. This is my second day using fluocinonide and a lot of my hair sheds when I run my fingers through my hair.. Will castor oil help if I apply it after... read more

Is Fluocinonide appropriate to use for foot fungal problems?

I am hoping I can use this cream to help with my foot fungus. I found this cream in my Father's bathroom along with Tinactin. He and I have had the same foot problems for years so I am hoping this is what he used it for. He has since passed away, so unfortunately I'm not able to ask him.... read more

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