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Flecainide Questions

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For how long, has anybody taken Flecainide?

I have been taking flecainide 50mg x2 daily for Afib. along with metoprolol and aspirin. Have been taking it now for a little over three years. Have not had any further outbreaks of Afib! However I really would rather not take this drug, if at all possible. I have read that it does not help anyone... read more

Going off Flecainide and side effects?

I had an ablation for afib and a-flutter in feb. I have been on 150 mg of Flecainide twice a day since last Dec. and 100 mg twice a day for five years prior to that. My EP just had me stop the flecainide cold turkey about 11 days ago. I am now getting some skipped beats off and on during the day.... read more

Can flecainide result in too low a heart rate?

I have been taking 100 mg of flecainide twice a day with 50 mg of metropolol for 2 years after my paroxymal AF resulted in a TIA. The AF is much better but the concern is my heart rate is now as low as 44 when resting and 75-80 when exercising. Normal heart rate is 50 -55.

Can Flecainide cause exteme anxiety?

Have been on Flecainide 50 twice a day for about a month (am also taking Bisopranol , Warfarin and Bp med). Have had two attacks of AF and flutter in the last six month as well as having PVC's and 'palpitations' for many years. Was put on Sotalol at first but it made my heatbeat... read more

I've been on Flecainide for 20 years. (100mg 2X day until just recently when it was bumped up to?

... 150mg 2X day) Any info on long term use. Had two ablations and may be looking at No. 3 soon. The 150's seem to be doing a good job on the a fib and SVT, but they still come to visit occasionally. (67 yr old male/good health/resting heart rate on 150mg tabs is mid to low 40's)

I mistakenly took a double dose of 150mg of FLECAINIDE this morning. I am supposed to take every 12?

.I am supposed to take 150 mg every 12 hours. I am in Afghanistan and no Doctor around. WORRIED ABOUT EFFECTS. TKS. WD

Can't take Cymbalta with Flecainide; was recently put on Pristiq. Any adverse interactions?

The Flecainide is for recently diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation which interacted terribly with Cymbalta (confirmed by two physicians.) Seems there are no antidepressants that do not have adverse interactions with Flecainide, though not as severe as with Cymbalta. I have been on the new med,... read more

Flecainide - Can Tambocor cause an unsafe increase in blood pressure?

My blood pressure has been between 106 and 125 over between 76 and 85 for the past year. I have a couple of episode of A-fib. After the first one I was taken off amlodopine and put on atenelol and remained on lisinopril/HCL 25/12.5 mg. this worked for a coup,e weeks and the flutters started again.... read more

Flecainide and anxiety medication?

I have been i flecainide for over 2 years it has worked great however I suffer from anxiety and my GP can not seem to find a medication for anxiety that I can take with flecainide. Is anyone out there that takes this medicine along with anxiety/depression meds??

Flecainide - how long for side effects to go away?

I was just started on flecainide. (Started 3 days ago) 150 2/day. Having vision side effects - hard to focus/eye strain causing headaches and motion sickness/woozy. Have read they can take up to a couple weeks to subside. Have others had them take that long to go away? Wondering how long to stick... read more

Is flecainide a safe choice for AFib?

I have AFib. Hospitalized and diagnosed in January, 2021. As of today, 11/11/21, I have an electrophysiologist as my heart doctor. He just prescribed Flecainide. The warnings and contraindications are truly frightening. Does anyone have any information or experience with this med?

What antibiotic is SAFE to take with flecainide. I get chronic bronchitis.

I used to take Zithromax (before I started flecainide) but read it can have severe interactions.

Do flecainide and diltiazem work together?

I was prescribed both meds. I was on diltiazem for a month and flecainide for 4 days. I'm still in AF and shortness of breath is worse. I know they are both antiarrhythmic but they are not working. What is the point?

Metoprolol and Flecainide Side Effects - Is this normal?

Hi everyone. I have atrial fib and the specilaist decided against surgery after doing a cath study. said not enough damage to warrant ablation. They have me on metoprolol .25mg and flecainide 100 mg 2x a day. I feel surreal, forgetful, dizzy or high feeling, anxious, nervous. I took metoprolol by... read more

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