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Having all top teeth pulled. How much pain will I be in after?

Posted 7 Apr 2014 by Tina77 43 answers

I am 33 years, I have 4 kids. ( don't ask me how lol ) I have a very very high fear or pain and needles. I have waited to long to get my teeth fixed. When i was younger my mother couldn't afford a lot so i had bad teeth, when i was 15 i moved in with my father who took me to the dentist ...

Propranolol - Advice please?

Posted 19 Jun 2012 by samyale 10 answers

Hello. I have been prescribed 40mg of propranolol. I mentioned to my Dr about fear of upcoming interviews and daily anxiety about them and hearing from further job applications: I would get anxious just checking my inbox. Do you guys reckon this is the right medicine then? And, is 40mg quite a lot? ...

My doctor recently increased my daily dosage of Levothyroxine from 75mg to 100mg. At night my heart?

Posted 4 Aug 2012 by jan1 7 answers

... seems to beat much faster, keeping me awake. Should I stay on 100mg or reduce it to 75mg again? It is really beginning to worry me and I fear I may have a heart attack.

Paxil~ is it worth it - weight gain and sexual side effects?

Posted 26 Sep 2011 by Roznikki 9 answers

I’m 30 years old and have been dealing with social anxiety, worry, and fear and being so timid all my life. It’s gotten worse lately along w depression and suicidal thoughts. Just yesterday I went to see a very reputable psychologist and after hearing my story he recommended Paxil. I ...

Will zoloft stop intrusive thoughts?

Posted 18 Sep 2012 by no more ocd 4 answers

i have always suffered from anxeity and probably slight ocd sympotoms but in the past two months it has taken an awful turn for the worse. My amazing life has turned into a everyday living turmoil. I have never expierenced this and im looking for support, i have had numerous intrusive thoughts in ...

Does taking ibuprofen capsule can cause an abortion of a week pregnancy period?

Posted 2 Aug 2011 by leha 2 answers

i fear i might have been pregnant and lost it since due to headache i have taken 2 capsule ibuprofen... please answer my question

Does lexapro make you nervous when first taking them or is it anxiety and panic?

Posted 28 Dec 2011 by Trina:-) 4 answers

I started taking lexapro 5mg two weeks ago for depression anxiety and panic... i have a fear of meds and it took me awhile to even start them because i ws so terrified of them causing something bad to happen to me. Now Im super nervous and anxious worried wn i Tk them especially in the morning. I ...

Is it safe to take naproxen and Prednisolone togethet?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by theresa andrew 1 answer

I am 61 and have rhumatoid arthritis. I have been prescribed naproxen and Prednisolone. I also take metformin for type 2 diabetes and ramapril for blood pressure. I have a fear of medication

Buspar - 6-8 weeks for effectiveness?

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by Kanina 4 answers

Help please. How many here didn’t see any relief in taking Buspar until the 6 - 8 week mark? When it did kick-in during that timeframe (6-8 wks) was it fairly effective on your fear/anxiety?

I have a severe fear of needles, shots, IV's and doctors and dentists. I think because my mom...

Posted 12 Nov 2017 by debbieszoo 0 answers

... used to take me and my brother so so often, after I turned 18 I swore I would never go to one again. Over the years I have had to see a ear nose throat who treated me for ear infection. I had 3 kids and almost every moment before their birth I have blocked out - somehow i made it to 52 yrs old ...

Is "FEAR" a side effect of Trintellix ?

Posted 23 Oct 2017 by nicole83 1 answer

Has anyone ever experienced "fear" when taking Trintellix ? Wasn't listed as a side effect, however I was having it n called my pharmacist who said it was an effect n was listed on my bottle itself. Felt like this med was working some on my major depression but was causing intense ...

Urinary Tract Infection - Hello everyone! For the past 3 years I have suffered over 15 UTI's. I am?

Posted 29 Mar 2016 by Pugluver999 1 answer

... scared and terrified to even have sex anymore (for fear I will get another one). I have met with my doctors and am wondering what could be causing them. I DO EVERYTHING to prevent them, have visited the urologist several times, and am just fed up with them coming back. My last resort is to ...

Does Levonelle morning after contraceptive pill work during the ovulation period?

Posted 23 Oct 2017 by TheArchitect 0 answers

So my boyfriend and I had, what we assumed was protected, sex with a condom. After he ejaculated inside he pulled away and couldn't find the condom. After a few seconds of searching my fear was confirmed and I quickly fished it out... Obviously dripping with semen. I squatted as soon as I ...

Borderline Personality Disorder - Attachment/ Abandonment Help?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by Rboldi 0 answers

For me, the worst, most unmanageable part of my borderline personality disorder is the intense fear and avoidance of abandonment. I've been in therapy for 9 years and I still can't shake it. It interferes with my daily life and my relationships. I can't keep on like this. Has anyone ...

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