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Having all top teeth pulled. How much pain will I be in after?

I am 33 years, I have 4 kids. ( don't ask me how lol ) I have a very very high fear or pain and needles. I have waited to long to get my teeth fixed. When i was younger my mother couldn't afford a lot so i had bad teeth, when i was 15 i moved in with my father who took me to the dentist... read more

Propranolol - Advice please?

Hello. I have been prescribed 40mg of propranolol. I mentioned to my Dr about fear of upcoming interviews and daily anxiety about them and hearing from further job applications: I would get anxious just checking my inbox. Do you guys reckon this is the right medicine then? And, is 40mg quite a lot?... read more

Paxil~ is it worth it - weight gain and sexual side effects?

I’m 30 years old and have been dealing with social anxiety, worry, and fear and being so timid all my life. It’s gotten worse lately along w depression and suicidal thoughts. Just yesterday I went to see a very reputable psychologist and after hearing my story he recommended Paxil. I... read more

Can my primary care doctor treat me for my pain management. my pain is intractable (nothing can be?

... done). I take oxycontine 80mg 2xs a day and oxycodone 6xs a day. I have been on this medication for 8 yrs. My pcp is willing but fears it may cause him problems. I have done some research and have concluded that his fears are unfounded. ... can he and am I right? I live in n.j.

How can I get my 8 yr. old to take his Focalin XR, sprinkled?

My son is 8 and is not able to swallow his 10mg Focalin XR capsul. It is more fear than ability, I believe. The Dr. showed him a trick he seemed to like - but when it came time to try - he refused. We were told to start practicing with a nerd and then try with a mini mm. Nerd worked, and he was... read more

My doctor recently increased my daily dosage of Levothyroxine from 75mg to 100mg. At night my heart?

... seems to beat much faster, keeping me awake. Should I stay on 100mg or reduce it to 75mg again? It is really beginning to worry me and I fear I may have a heart attack.

What should I expect while taking 0.5mg of Klonopin?

I have real bad anxiety and panic attacks with agoraphobia, I have had this for 12 years but the last 6 months I've called 911 over 56 times. I get the feeling or fear of dying losing, control wanted to faint real dizzy etc, Mental health doctor gave me Klonopin 0.5mg twice a day BUT I am... read more

How does Ketamine nasal spray work for pain, and is there problems?

and side effects experienced by folks that have tried this? A compound pharmacy gave me 100mg to try, but I am always apprehensive about trying something new for fear of how my weirdo body reacts to things. I don't have official diagnosis but it seems like I have RSD. Could it help depression... read more

Will zoloft stop intrusive thoughts?

i have always suffered from anxeity and probably slight ocd sympotoms but in the past two months it has taken an awful turn for the worse. My amazing life has turned into a everyday living turmoil. I have never expierenced this and im looking for support, i have had numerous intrusive thoughts in... read more

How have some of you got over the fear of medication and took it?

I have been prescribed fluoxetine, xanax, and hydroxyzine for anxiety. I am terrified to try any of these medications. I do not know which one to take. My quality of life stinks, I struggle daily with anxiety. I am tired of anxiety, I am tired of being scared of my medication. I want to know if... read more

Fear of taking anxiety meds?

I am 27 year old female. I have been suffering from anxiety since I was very little. I’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, Panic attacks, PTSD, and in the past depression. I have had my ups and downs with my battle with anxiety. It is the only one that I can’t seem to... read more

Can I cut my 5mg Eliquis in half. Take half in morning half at night?

6 weeks in with Eliquis.5mg twice a day. Too many side effects.Turned into depression and fear. Confused. Help

I've had untreated oral thrush for twenty five years. Let me explain. It was during the AIDS?

... epidemic in the 80's. Out of fear, I never checked it. Years later, I mustered up the change to be tested. I was relieved to find I was negative. Around this time, I was diagnosed with oral thrush. I was given the meds to cure it. To no avail, NONE of the meds worked! Here I am twenty five... read more

My dr has given me lyrica for Anxiety 25mg, can I open the capsule and take half with a drink of?

... milk as i am so scared of the side effects, i have emetaphobia which is a fear of vomiting i know t sounds mad, but its very real to me, i wonder can i just take half at first , any answers ?

Anybody taking Vraylar for anxiety?

Went to see a new doctor about my anxiety. I’ve tried many SSRI’s, SNRI’s etc. She wants to try me on Vraylar. I’ve been reading a lot online and I’m confused since I don’t have bipolar and seems Vraylar is for that. Anyone talking it for anxiety?

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