I’m 30 years old and have been dealing with social anxiety, worry, and fear and being so timid all my life. It’s gotten worse lately along w depression and suicidal thoughts. Just yesterday I went to see a very reputable psychologist and after hearing my story he recommended Paxil. I went home and read reviews & info on Paxil and I have to admit I’m scared to take the stuff. I don’t want to deal w the weight gain and my sexual appetite has already gone down a bit from depression~ I can only imagine what will happen while taking Paxil and my husband has a VERY healthy sexual appetite. I really want the feel of being “normal” though. Then the fear of getting off Paxil and not weaning correctly…I’m scared of what might happen to me. I worried and unsure of what to do… *sigh* what do you guys think I should do, is it worth it??