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Farxiga Questions

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How long does it take for Farxiga to work?

Does Farxiga cause weight loss?

What is Farxiga used for and how does it work?

Can Farxiga cause kidney damage?

Why does Farxiga cause yeast infections?

Can Farxiga cause constipation?

What are the ingredient drugs contained in Qternmet XR?

What Stage of CKD should you start Farxiga?

HI, My daughter is 20 years old, with borderline CKD stage One, I cant find anything on the web on what stage of CKD should you start taking this medication, my biggest fear is taking to early, will prevent her from having healthy babies, other side effects, since she is only 20 years old, her last... read more

Managing stage 3 kidney disease and diabetes type 2?

My nephrologist has taken me off metformin, Farxiga, valsartan and Mounjaro. My blood sugar is over 200 every day I am on 100 units of Tresiba (insulin) 2x per day. How do I get my sugar down to 80-120?

Does discontinued use of Farxiga cause withdrawal symptoms ?

I am Type 2 and have been taking 10 mg Farxiga for almost 3 years. I also take 1700 MG of Metformin and 100 MG of Januvia daily. I also take Lantus insulin at night. I have been diagnosed with diabetes since July 2012 and have had medications added over time to stabilize my A1c. My numbers are... read more

I want to stop taking Farxiga because I believe I might have an allergic reaction to it?

I have been taking Farxiga for 9 months. Do I need to step down or can I just stop taking it?

Two weeks on Farxiga 10mgs?

Very gassy and sore back, achy muscles.

Does carvedelol cause extreme tiredness ?

I have stage 3 CKD and DDD, DJD Hypercholesterol and Hypothyroid Disease. I hydrate well. I started Farxiga in June 2022. Was active at 80.

Does Entresto or Coreg cause low blood pressure or hypotension?

My blood pressure has decreased from normal with medication (117/60) to (100/60) after doctors added more Lasix and Farxiga to my medications secondary to fluid retention in my legs. Is it best for doctors to decrease the Entresto that I’m taking or the Coreg to begin to figure out... read more

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