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Osteoarthritis - which is best euflexxa, syndics, syndics-one, monovisc or orthovisc?

Posted 4 Jan 2015 by smoasia 1 answer

tried euflexxa and it worked very well. Insurance will no longer cover it, insurance suggested these: syndics, syndics-one, monovisc or orthovisc wondering which is best

Pain after injection euflexxa?

Posted 16 Jun 2013 by patricia2250 2 answers

Hi, Received first shot on friday. The shot was painless.A few hours after the shot knee started hurting more and more as time goes on.Today sunday still in pain more than before injection.Anyone have same problem?

Why an I having stabbing knee pain after my 3rd injection of Euflexxa?

Posted 22 Feb 2018 by Cintzu 2 answers

I had my first injection and I was very happy. I thought it was going to work. I had the second injection and I had a small amount of pain. A week after the 3rd injection I am in terrible pain. I can’t lay down to sleep at night. The pain is real bad upon laying down. Throughout the day I get ...

My husband had his last Euflexxa shot 4 weeks ago.He has been unable to work since.He has pain that?

Posted 12 May 2013 by smiths38 3 answers

... gets much worse when he's walking.His knee swells and locks constantly.If anyone has experienced these problems,how long did they last?

Euflexxa - I found relief after my 3rd Euflexxa shot and now three weeks later I'm in pain again.?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Cool lily girl 1 answer

... Could this be normal and how long does it take to know if it is finally working? Thanks

Euflexxa - how long does it take to start working?

Posted 10 Feb 2011 by Mollie Jo 1 answer

Finished my three week injections 1 week ago, but still no relief and knees are still painful. Is it still possible for the injections to work? How long could it take?

Euflexxa - My knee has responded very badly to the 3-stage injection series. I cannot lift my leg or

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by morninglorri 2 answers

... straighten it and am in constant pain. Doc said not to worry it will all be fine. Is there any relief possible?

How long for Euflexxa to work?

Posted 19 Oct 2016 by Melissa Fox 1 answer

Had my 3rd injection of Euflexxa 2 weeks ago. Still no relief. How long does Euflexxa take to start working?

I had my 1st Euflexxa shot yesterday. My knee hurts when I walk now. Why is it hurting so much?

Posted 21 Jul 2010 by susu3 1 answer

I am very upset. My dr told me it will help my arthritis. I can walk without pain normally, and now after this shot my knee is hurting and very uncomfortable, even the next morning after the shot. I will not be getting #2 shot. Why is this happening to my knee. From other comments made by other ...

Euflexxa knee popping when I walk, is this normal??

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by bella105 2 answers

I got my 2nd injection 2 days ago. 1st didn't hurt at all, 2nd hurt fairly bad and limping afterward. Feels better today, but still hurting if bend knee a lot and my knee is popping when I walk, is that normal?

My dr wanted to give me the three injections of euflexxa in my shoulder the insurance will not cover

Posted 20 Jan 2014 by galesalita 1 answer

the pharmacy said the insurance will not pay for the shots, because they are not fda approved for the shoulder, why?

Just got my 1st shot of the euflexxa 5 days in my knee for osteoarthritis and still having pain?

Posted 16 Sep 2014 by pnutkid 1 answer

Behind my knee along with popping sensations where my medial is. Should I continue the injections? Is this normal?

Euflexxa - How long do the side effects last? I had mild back pain after my first shot. Second?

Posted 1 May 2017 by walkingcane 1 answer

... shot gave me joint pain all over but only lasted about three days. With the third shot I had major fatigue, and joint pain all over, and it is now 6 days. The fatigue is better, but the joint pain won't stop

Euflexxa - Bone on Bone and Hard To Walk At All?

Posted 14 May 2017 by sharona61bio 1 answer

I am a 56 year old female, 50 lb. overweight due to inability to exercise or as late, inabilty to walk farther than my bathroom. I have severe Osteo in my right knee. A cyst and excruciating pain to straighten my leg or when my knee pops.The Cortisone quit working. The Rooster shots quit working. I ...

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