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Epclusa Questions

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What is the difference between hepatitis B and C?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C?

Can you drink alcohol while taking Epclusa?

What is the best time of day to take Epclusa?

Does Epclusa work if you miss doses?

How much does Epclusa cost?

Epclusa vs Harvoni – Which is better?

Does Epclusa cure Hep C, what is the success rate?

How long is an Epclusa treatment?

How long does Epclusa stay in your system?

What is the difference between Vosevi and Epclusa?

How does Epclusa work in the body?

I've completed my Epclusa Tx. I was feeling great, but I'm having depression and flu like symptoms?

... after being off for 5 days. Is there any known withdrawal? Or, is it possible that since I was on an antiviral for 12 weeks that I'm more susceptible to catching the flu or other viruses? I'm also "moody" and lethargic. I'm so grateful I was clear of the Hepatitis after... read more

Has anyone else had hair loss with Epclusa?

My hair was very thick. I have been losing hair by the handfuls. Dr. said it is not a common side effect but I only have 7 weeks to go on Epclusa. I just hope I have enough hair to last that long.

Has anyone experienced weight gain while on Epclusa?

I'm headed in to week 3 of my treatment of Hep C. So far so good, but I have gained roughly 12 pounds, it came on fast. I'm going to watch my food intake better and also watch what I eat.

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