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Endoscopy Questions


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How bad is a spinal tap or lumbar puncture?

Posted 15 Nov 2012 by sara12345 13 answers

Especially interested in anyone who wasn't sedated. I've been awake for my endoscopy and colonoscopy with sedation which everyone else doesn't remember. I'm scheduled for one and am told that I will be given some mild sedation. But I'm a bit nervous, especially since ...

Can you just stop taking Protonix?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 by Drama queen 8 answers

The PPI Protonix has created stomach polyps and I have been on it for 10 years with no pain. Then I developed pain in my esophagus and back 6 weeks ago and had an endoscopy that showed irratation and polyps. I have been on carafate for 2 weeks which has eased my pain. I want to quit the the PPI ...

What's the Difference Between Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis & Diverticula?

Posted 14 Nov 2013 by Thor283 7 answers

I recently went for a colonoscopy, and an upper endoscopy. My PCP panicked, and I went to a different gastro Doc than I usually do. I've been going for these for about 36 years and they always find a small polyp and remove it. I also have IBS and in me it takes the form of spasms of diarrhea. ...

Could I have a bone spur - I have a lump feeling in my throat?

Posted 26 Oct 2010 by Tashakay 2 answers

Doc had me on 20mg nexium then changed me to 20mg 2x pd of omeprazole for gerd I have a lump feeling in throat may be bone spur. Hardly ever acid regluz. Upper gi normal What meds are better I really do not want another endoscopy Had one several years ago Normal I hate this discomfort in my throat ...

I have a problem swallowing food and sometimes get a pain in my throat?

Posted 13 Jun 2015 by Ozymay 6 answers

Hello I am a 24 yr old male and have had acid reflux for the past 5 years. For the past two months I have been taking omeprazle and it seems to help. About one month ago I had an endoscopy done and they took a biopsy from my stomach and throat. Both came back negative for anything serious so that ...

My primary dr. has me on omeprazole 20 mg one per day for about 18 mos. now. I went to new dr and?

Posted 8 Mar 2013 by billjoiner 4 answers

had upper endoscopy done. nothing serious showed up (I am 71) so he ordered omeprazole for me "for 14 days only". the new dr. of gastroenterology & hepatology is well known with an active practice. so now I have two different doctors with two different opinions. have any of your ...

What kind of pain is there after an endoscopy?

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by contripp 5 answers

Can I stop taking Prilosec cold turkey?

Posted 10 Mar 2012 by Bologna9 1 answer

I have been taking Prilosec 40 mg/1x day delayed release capsule since November. I had a bad stomach attack in August last year and ended up getting an Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy that revealed "Gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema. Esophageal mucosal abnormality ...

Dyspepsia acid - how long does it take for Dexilant to work?

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by amjadatatri 1 answer

i had endoscopy 6 days ago.the result : dyspepsia acid during the procedure we found the following : congestion in the third part of the duodenum(biopsy) congestion in the antrum compatible with gastritis (clo test ,biopsy) normal mucosa in the stomach body and fundus congestion ,erythema and ...


Posted 6 Aug 2012 by Harry Morris 3 answers

Ihave had celiac since birth, found out when I was 72. thet just did another endoscopy and found that i am still getting gluten so I need to know if this, Metoprolol succinate is the prpblem?

Abdominal Distension - I've had some major bloating for a long time?

Posted 21 Aug 2012 by nyartist 3 answers

I took allergy tests and results were no allergies; stayed off gluten for two weeks with no change; saw a gastroenterologist and had an endoscopy and nothing unusual was found. It occurred to me that maybe the way I was taking Metamucil was the issue. I was taking way too much with way too little ...

How long will advil stay in system?

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by slhixson 1 answer

i had a headache and forgot that i had to stop advil a week before endoscopy procedure and took two two days before my appointment. will this cause problems for me? the two were all ive had in a week at least.

Endoscopy 3 weeks ago. neg biopsy, have abdominal pain in morning relieved by going to bathroom?

Posted 22 Jul 2014 by luvgarfy 2 answers

why do I have this pain still after three weeks, doc keep saying it is nothing. bowels are looser but not diarrhea, please help

I have been on Nexium for many years and a few weeks ago stopped it due to reading about side effec?

Posted 7 Aug 2014 by Mitcher33 2 answers

My acid reflux came back terribly so my GP told me to take 2 Nexium twice per day I gave been doing thus for one month with no relief , I have now been scheduled for an endoscopy could thus still be gerd or something more sinister!

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