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Bactrim allergy. How long will it stay in my system?

Posted 30 Dec 2017 by Kedo 1 answer

I was on Bactrim for 6 days until a severe allergy reaction break out on me. I was sent to ER and I stopped taking it, then all allergy reaction went away in 5 days but the rash returned after a week, Now I have itchy rashes all over my body, my doctor gave me an allergy shot and I have been taking ...

What is the current status of the Nucynta ER shortage?

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by Zoningsup 2 answers

Regarding the factory's damage from the Hurricane.

Taking meloxicam with prednisone?

Posted 2 Feb 2018 by msears48 1 answer

Prescribed by ER doctor for pinched nerve in my neck. I saw on the web page that these may interact. Should I wait until the 6 more days of prednisone before resuming meloxicam?

My son was told he had staph at the emergency room this past week, he has had these spots/ sores?

Posted 17 days ago by rsgranados0216 2 answers

He is only seven... all over his body and even on his face for almost half a year at first Dr says they were warts sometimes they even look like bug bites. They said there is an antibiotic cream but it is over the counter does anyone no of a really good one and if the side effects can be severe

I took a brown cow enema at home and it followed with diarrhea, is this even normal?

Posted 7 days ago by Britjohns9195 0 answers

I went to the ER and was told to take a brown cow enema at home. I am 19 weeks pregnant and haven't had a decent bowel movement for over 8 weeks. So i did the brown cow enema and held it in for as long as i possibly could, but then for the next hour and a half it was like a waterfall coming ...

I keep having sharp pains in the center of my chest with pain in right shoulder and arm?

Posted 19 Sep 2017 by BabieBlu81 2 answers

Been to to er several times but they dont find anything. Dont know what else to do...

Can I take Magnesium Citrate Daily?

Posted 18 days ago by Marlene Nicholas 0 answers

I can not go to the bathroom, was in the ER 3 times now since last summer. Did have an Colonoscopy, they large intestines ok. Waiting for MRI, to see if any problems anywhere else. Have been on 2 different prescriptions.(Constella C and Resotran). They both stopped working. The GI doctor says up ...

Taking sertraline for 10 days and scared?

Posted 14 days ago by carolepr 0 answers

I went in to ER because of acid reflux which I didn't know at the time until a couple weeks later. Husband's health added to my panic attacks. Now on 25 mg serlatrine for 10 days. Insomnia, started getting headaches last few days which feel like the start of migraines, wake up anxious, ...

Hysingla ER - Is it ok to take Hysingla with gabapentin?

Posted 12 Feb 2018 by Imanewby 2 answers

Any experiences with this? I took gabapentin this morning, and a Hysingla ER 20 mg. This afternoon. I am feeling nauseous now... because I was in pain. I have a lot if nerve damage, was prescribed these two. But I don't know if I van take them both since I feel so sick.

Oxybutynin ER 10MG tablets - Ice Pick Headaches?

Posted 28 Feb 2018 by wolfwhocriedman 0 answers

I started on 5MG Oxybutynin a few months ago for my full body Hyperhidrosis. The 5MG seemed to help, but only very slightly, and with mild side effects, like cotton mouth in the morning, nothing intolerable. Since the 5MG seemed to be only slightly effective, my doctor prescribed 10MG (ER). I see ...

Should I seek 2nd opinion?

Posted 24 Feb 2018 by Chela1234 0 answers

Really need some guidance. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and have been sick for over a week. Went to ER last week was told no flu no strep. That i probavky have upper respiratory virius.Even though I had cough,fever, sore throat. Fever reached 102.8. I had to follow up with my OB who ...

3 weeks on Lexapro. Side effects are fatigue, insomnia, feeling jittery?

Posted 4 Feb 2018 by Mh33 1 answer

I’m new to this whole world of, well all of this. I had my first “anxiety attack” beginning of January, went to ER as I didn’t know what was going on. Ran tests, sent me home with a couple days worth of Ativan. The rest of that week, it was like a flip was switched and ...

High Blood Pressure - can I take nifedipine ER 60mg and benazepril together?

Posted 20 Feb 2018 by peggy06082004 0 answers

Will these two medicines taken together have an adverse reaction?

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