I have chronic constipation from opioids. I don't have ins and last week ended up in the er for extreme pain. I should probably add that I have a rectal prolapse. My Dr had told me to go in if that happened, btw. I hated going to the ER for constipation, but you can literally feel the hard poop when touching my stomach. Anyway, after an X-ray, which showed a shocking amount of poop, the dr gave me a shot of Relestor. After that didn't work, they gave me an enema that didn't work either. The Dr then sent me home with Golytely. I started it around 3 pm today and it's 11:30 now and I have yet to go. I'm extremely bloated and nauseous and uncomfortable. I have even felt a little grumble yet.
Does anyone know what the next step might be? I'm extremely scared now.