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Drug Test Questions (Page 14)

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Why would I fail a mouth swab drug test for alcohol when I dont drink??

Posted 1 Jun 2013 by KELLY6963 2 answers

I had to do a mouth swab test and it tested positive greater than 0.8 the legal limit and I have not drank in over 5 years. someone please tell me how that happens ? I listed all my medicines I am on ad I am A diabetic I have out of control blood sugars for a long time and I eat foods wit ...

I tested positive for hsv 2 in January with a result of 1.60. Retested again in april results 1.27?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 0 answers

I tested positive for hsv 2 in January with a result of 1.60. Was retested again in april results of 1.27... Can this still be a false positive??? I was just tested again a third time still waiting on results... Negative for hsv 1. Why are the titers decreasing?? Shouldn't the numbers increase ...

Would toradol show up in a drug test?

Posted 4 Sep 2011 by tannerlee 1 answer

Can Xopenex and Advair inhalers and Singulair cause false positive for amphetamines?

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by Chriswin2017 0 answers

I took a pre employment drug urinalysis and was told they would send it "off" for further reading if anything was positive. I laughed but I wasn't laughing long bc they told me to wait on results then said they had to send it off. I'm worried now so I was reading to see if my ...

Can taking Phentermine, cause a false positive a drug test for amphetamine?

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by Hannatlc 2 answers

I do monthly UA's for methamphetamine / amphetamine, I am seeing a medical doctor for weight loss, she prescribed me Phentermine, will this give me a false positive on a UA.

My pain dr gave me a drug test and I take my prescription as told I was just informed on my last?

Posted 7 Jun 2012 by missmamii 4 answers

... visit that it wasn't found in my system... can someone help

Ok I seriously am fed up. I keep researching and find nothing. Plaquenil false positive for THC?

Posted 12 Feb 2017 by laboda24 2 answers

I'm looking for information about Plaquenil giving a false positive on a drug test for THC? I am at the end of my rope with this and have been dealing with this for many years now and have never been given a distinct answer. PLEASE HELP!

I am at a work release program and cant sleep due to the fact of noise and bunkmates with diferent?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Cyhthia 1 answer

... hours. So I bought generic otc sleep aides from dollar store. Someone told me it could make me have a positive or a false positive for a drug UA. Is that true?

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