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I take Percocet for chronic pain. Now here's a twist on drug testing... What in the world could?

Posted 14 Mar 2018 by Akacalgon55 1 answer

Cause a false negative. I take my pain meds everyday but the pee tests keep coming back negative for oxycodone and it's driving me nuts because it looks like I'm not taking them. Doctor says nothing would cause a false negative. Anyone have a reason first this

Zantac 150 - will this med cause a false positive drug screen?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by husbandneedsjob 1 answer

My husband just took a pre-employment drug screen today and came up positive for amphetamines. He does not use any sort of illegal drug. The only 2 OTC meds he takes is the Walmart generic Rantanadine. Dosage calls for for 1-2 pills however he does take 4-5 at a time, usually daily. And Rolaids or ...

False positive for benzodiazepines?

Posted 22 Feb 2018 by Strick63 0 answers

I just came back from my doctor's appointment and I tested positive for benzodiazepines but I haven't taken any at all. The only thing I took was a ibuprofen before I went in today. They also said I tested positive for gabapentin but it has been over 2 days since I took any of those would ...

Will oxycontin show up on a Hair follicle test 2 months after use?

Posted 8 Aug 2010 by panicstricken 3 answers

I relapsed on oxycontin a couple months ago, then realized i didn't want to go through that again, and quit right away. Last week I found out I have to take a hair follicle test- I have very short hair right now (about an inch)- what are my chances of passing? I have already done the ...

Is it possible the drug Zantac will show as amphetamine on a drug screen?

Posted 5 Dec 2017 by Roxanne Rose 1 answer

When taking a drug screen while on the medication Zantac will it show a false positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine?

How long adderall stay in your system?

Posted 1 Oct 2010 by lkajh 2 answers

i took one didn't realize what it was and i have random drug test's for work !

How long does Adderall stay in your system?

Posted 16 May 2013 by Jer1975 1 answer

I took a 40mg adderall on Tuesday morning at 9am. I have a drug test Thursday morning at 9am. I'm very active and burn alot of calories and drink lots of water. Will I pass?


Posted 18 Jul 2017 by tonhenry 1 answer

I tested positive for K2 on a drug screen and I have never smoked Spice. Does anyone know of anything that could have caused the false reading?

How long does a benzodiazepine stay in the body?

Posted 4 Jan 2018 by Austinmalisa6 1 answer

How long does a benzodiazepine stay in the bodys system for drug testing

Can someone tell me if Lexapro with show up in drug testing. And if so what does it show up as?

Posted 19 Feb 2018 by jrexann76 0 answers

Does Lexapro show up in the drug testing? I have recently been taking it.

My probation wants me to bring in an article with a doctors response on my prescription medicine?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by PLEASEHELP12 1 answer

I take ranitidine (zantac) 150mg two pills twice a day and it has caused me to fail drug tests showing a false positive for methanphetamines.

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