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How long after Antabuse is it untill I can drink?

I took one 200mg disulfiram tablet over 36 hours ago and one 24 hours before that is it safe for me to drink now? I have taken them before I was on them for months but that was over a year ago, I was very careful about how long I waited last time but this time it is only 2 tablets in over 60 hours... read more

Antabuse /disulfiram 250mg & food/personal care products?

I started taking generic Antabuse about two weeks ago. I’ve had a kind of low grade queasiness on and off most of that time, and I’ve needed to vomit more than a few times. Haven’t drunk alcohol at all, not a drop, so I’m considering other sources: food and personal care... read more

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

[Antabuse/Disulfiram] Can I drink after 120 hours since last pill?

I took my first 250mg Antabuse pill on July 22, 2016. Then I took it daily (250mg everyday) until August 3, 2016 (13 days). Can I drink alcohol today (August 8, 5 days off the pill) w/o having the adverse effects? I read it can stay up to 2 weeks in the body, what are the chances of this... read more

Need to use alcohol based hand sanitizer. Is this possible while taking Antabuse?

Can other nurses/CNA's/docs or anyone else with experience on this tell me whether this is possible while taking Antabuse? I am looking especially for your personal experiences using hand sanitizers while taking a daily dose of disulfiram/Antabuse because I already know that the general... read more

Antabuse and valium - any danger in taking both together?

I am recently recovering from alcohol dependance and am currently taking disulfiram 200mg a day. I have also used benzos in the past mainly diazepam but not with alcohol. I have no desire to drink but have started using diazepam again about average 40mg a day, usually 2 in the morning and 2 in the... read more

Disulfiram - Anyone have issues taking sugar alcohol found in some foods while on antabuse?

I'm so happy I'm on antabuse. Sober for the first time in many years. I don't use any products with alcohol in them but I want to try a product that has 4 grams of sugar alcohol in it.

Prank by friend with disulfiram and I am going out of the country?

A buddy of mine decided to be a jerk and spiked a coke of mine with 125mg of disulfiram yesterday before I get on a plane to Jamaica with my family. I'm not a drinker really at all (maybe 4 glasses of wine in the last month), but I was definitely planning on having a pina colada or two on the... read more

How long can I have a drink after I have taken 150mg of disulfiram tablet?

They are 500g tablets and I took a quarter of a tablet.

Single 125mg dose of Antabuse?

Yesterday morning I took a single 125mg dose of disulfiram (Antabuse). It has been around 32 hours since that dose. Can I expect to have a reaction if i have a drink? What length of time would it be considered safe to drink? For more context this is the only dose of disulfiram in my system, it is... read more

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