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How long after Antabuse is it untill I can drink?

Posted 15 Sep 2017 by Croz 3 answers

I took one 200mg disulfiram tablet over 36 hours ago and one 24 hours before that is it safe for me to drink now? I have taken them before I was on them for months but that was over a year ago, I was very careful about how long I waited last time but this time it is only 2 tablets in over 60 hours ...

Is it safe to drink alcohol after 4 months of taking 250mg or antabuse 3x a week?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by kkg91 6 answers

I have been taking antabuse (Disulfiram) for about 4 months now. I take a 250mg pill 3 times a week. I took my last pill on Friday morning on April 22nd. Would it be safe to drink the evening of May 2nd? That's 10.25 days to be exact. I'm 26 and otherwise healthy (if that makes a ...

[Antabuse/Disulfiram] Can I drink after 120 hours since last pill?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Frugos 2 answers

I took my first 250mg Antabuse pill on July 22, 2016. Then I took it daily (250mg everyday) until August 3, 2016 (13 days). Can I drink alcohol today (August 8, 5 days off the pill) w/o having the adverse effects? I read it can stay up to 2 weeks in the body, what are the chances of this ...

Can I drink alchohol after 148 hours after a single dose of disulfiram (Antabuse) 100mg?

Posted 15 Jul 2017 by Drezz 3 answers

Hello there. I've taken Antabuse only once, 7 days ago, exactly 148 hours. It is safe to drink alcohol now, after 7 days. Please no judgements, I just want to drink few beers on this lonely Saturday. Thanks. Dose of Antabuse was 100mg.

Antabuse /disulfiram 250mg & food/personal care products?

Posted 4 Dec 2017 by AlanCW 1 answer

I started taking generic Antabuse about two weeks ago. I’ve had a kind of low grade queasiness on and off most of that time, and I’ve needed to vomit more than a few times. Haven’t drunk alcohol at all, not a drop, so I’m considering other sources: food and personal care ...

Antabuse and valium - any danger in taking both together?

Posted 31 Jul 2010 by andyboy 1 answer

I am recently recovering from alcohol dependance and am currently taking disulfiram 200mg a day. I have also used benzos in the past mainly diazepam but not with alcohol. I have no desire to drink but have started using diazepam again about average 40mg a day, usually 2 in the morning and 2 in the ...

Disulfiram - Can I use bleach products while taking antabuse?

Posted 2 Apr 2016 by JayceMiller 3 answers

I started taking disulfiram for the first time this morning. And ended up buying new shampoo, facewash, ect. I can't believe how many things contain some form of alcohol ingredient. I'm wondering now if I can use bleach products with out a reaction or even swim in a pool with chlorine ...

Can I get an disulfiram implant?

Posted 3 Feb 2011 by dove_33 2 answers

i take this daily, but somtimes i slip up

Disulfiram - Anyone have issues taking sugar alcohol found in some foods while on antabuse?

Posted 24 Feb 2013 by Kmfstr 1 answer

I'm so happy I'm on antabuse. Sober for the first time in many years. I don't use any products with alcohol in them but I want to try a product that has 4 grams of sugar alcohol in it.

Disulfiram - Is anyone else on Zoloft while taking Antabuse?

Posted 12 Jul 2013 by 22meshugat 1 answer

My therapist said it was ok however online I see that it has major interactions and my pharmacist told me not to take them together

Disulfiram - Antabuse & Alcohol?

Posted 15 May 2014 by Breathe1979 2 answers

I started taking Antabuse today (250mg). I had a beer earlier in the day. Am I going to get really sick?

Disulfiram - 10 days on antabuse?

Posted 6 Dec 2011 by banzoolute 1 answer

I have been drinking since 17 and am 40 now. I started antabuse 10 days ago and crave alcohal like crazy. I'm thinking of going off and having fun for the weekend. I read your comments. Any advice? I think drinking is associated with avoidance at home... any thoughts?

Disulfiram - How soon after ingestion of alcohol can I start the drug. My therapist said one week?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 1 answer

... but it's impossible for me to abstain for that long!

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