I am recently recovering from alcohol dependance and am currently taking disulfiram 200mg a day. I have also used benzos in the past mainly diazepam but not with alcohol. I have no desire to drink but have started using diazepam again about average 40mg a day, usually 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. i have been told of the dangers and horrors of withdrawl and want to stop using them. I have been to my community drugs team and they are going to suggest a rate to taper me off them. But i am worried is there any danger of interaction with disulfuram (antabuse) with diazepam. I am going to speak to my doctor this week. But i am also scared if i ask the alcohol unit i attend that they may cut me off my antabuse and i end drinking again. So can anyone tell me is ther any serious risks or dangers of mixing valium and antabuse?