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Diaper Rash Questions

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Can nystatin be used to treat diaper rash?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 by richrod1980 4 answers

Any one know if Nystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide ( Cream ) USP is used for diaper rash?

Posted 27 Jun 2011 by CameronsMommy2010 4 answers

My son has broken out with really bad diaper rash & Desitin or corn starch is not working & I think this is what his doctor prescribe last time (months ago) but I honestly can't remember. I do know the tube looked simallar but we moved & someof our & our roomates things got ...

Can I use Mupirocin Ointment for diaper rash?

Posted 16 Jul 2010 by mamapam 2 answers

my 11 month old daughter keeps getting diaper rash, nothing has helped. Is it safe to use Mupirocin ointment to treat her rash?

I use Zinc Oxide Cream daily on my face (diaper rash cream) ~ any danger to that on the long term?

Posted 20 Apr 2010 by mirjam 2 answers

My age is 40 and since my teenage years, I have been putting sink oxide on my face. I know it sounds somewhat silly, putting diaper rash cream on my face daily (twice: morning + at night), but it is the only cream what feels good and does well to my facial skin. Any danger to it?

Will baby diaper rash cream help ease the itching from a yeast infection?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by hunterbug12 2 answers

i have a yeast infection and i cant call doctor till in the morning with baby diaper rash cream help ease the itching until i talk to my doctor ?

Can Triamcinolone Acetonide b used to treat severe diaper rash on lil girl, if private part avoided?

Posted 24 Nov 2009 by mmitchell142 1 answer

It contains Nystatin which is used for womens yeast infections so I would think it would be ok but it also contains the steroid Triamcinolone which treats the inflammation and swelling, burning etc. I just don't want to make it any worse. I will NEVER switch brands of wipes again, nor use ...

Bactroban - is it okey to use on diaper rash?

Posted 19 Nov 2009 by lasilva2464 2 answers

Can I use Desonide Ointment to treat diaper rash?

Posted 16 Jul 2010 by mamapam 1 answer

Our doctor prescribedFucidin cream originally for my mother's diaper rash. She has a history of?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by frederick ibey 2 answers

... chrons diease, diabetes, and recently in the last 8 months had a hemoragic and thrombotic that we are bring her home and caring for her and he prescribed betaderm 0.1% 1:1 that not a contradiction

Can I use clotrimazole cream on my sons diaper rash that appears to look like a yeast infection?

Posted 10 Feb 2015 by mariselalemos 1 answer

can i use clotrimazole cream on my sons diaper rash that appears to look like a yeast infection?

What is Fluocinonide cream for?

Posted 23 Oct 2011 by Bella Boo 1 answer

it's got USP, if anyone knows I would be so grateful my 2yr old has super bad diaper rash from taking antibodics n the cream dr gave her is gone now she's screaming how bad her butt hurts

What's the best thing for diaper rash?

Posted 3 Oct 2013 by shysty 2 answers

Can nystop be used for diaper rash?

Posted 22 Mar 2014 by MnM76 1 answer

I was wanting to know if Nystop will clear up a diaper rash?

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