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Dementia Questions

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What is the effect on the brain of long-term use of Effexor?

Does long-term use of Effexor lead to memory loss, brain damage and/or dementia? I know it inhibits platelet aggregation and leads to bleeding and severe bruising resulting from a very slight impact. As I am aged 66 years, I am concerned that continued use of Effexor may hasten dementia and memory... read more

Difficulties concentrating/memory loss on clonazepam?

I am having difficulties concentrating and have short-term memory loss (for a few seconds or minutes) with Clonazepam. Have been taking it for 4 months now. 1.5 mg a day. I have noticed that memory loss gets worse with increased anxiety. I am also on 50 mg of Prozac per day. Anyone out there with... read more

How does Tramadol affect older people with dementia?

What the best medication is for dementia or alzheimers is? Is seroquel appropriate for sleeplessness

My father is unable to sleep at night and becomes very agitated. He has dementia. Seroquel or risperdol are either appropriate to help with this issue.

Is trazodone safe for elderly dementia patient? does it help with anxiety?

My mom is 96years old and in a wheelchair. She is very unhappy with her life in a nursing home. She has high anxiety and extreme nervous energy and is bored, but nursing home activities do not interest her nor television. Can Trazodone help with all this along with helping her to sleep? She is... read more

Can quetiapine affect your taste?

my mother is 89yrs has dementia is on quitiapine 25mg. 1tb morning 1 afternoon 2 bedtime can this pill leave an after taste in her mouth as she is saying everything tastes horrible.

How long can a person live with dementia?

once it starts to get worse and not better... how much longer do they have?

What drugs help aggression in Alzheimer's patients?

My father (88) has mid-stage Alzheimers's and is taking Aricept. After a recent stay in the hospital he has become extremely argumentative and paranoid. My mother (81) wants to keep my father at home for as long as possible but the mood swings are getting more difficult to deal with. What drug... read more

Can Seroquel make dementia worse - How can we get her off this med?

My sister is on this drug. Doctors say she has dementia. I believe Seroquel has made her worse in... every aspect. Seriously, the body doesn't know if it is coming or going with the multitude of drugs she is on.She already is on doxipan,for anxiety. This seroquel has made her worse and she... read more

Depacote for Frontotemporal Dementia?

My husband was given 1000mg of Depacote for his Frontotemporal Dementia to stabilize his mood. Instead I saw negative behaviors in him . He was also on 500mg of Seroquel. I believe these drugs affected him adversely.

Is amantadine normally prescribed for dementia?

Zoloft and dimentia?

My dad has dementia and he has been on Zoloft for about 6-8 weeks on a low dose. He has had quite a change in his confusion in the last 3 weeks that has really taken a turn for the worse. Can the Zoloft be causing this.

How to get a 12.5 mg dose of Seroquel/quetiapine?

My mother has started taking Seroquel. The 25 mg tablet is too sedating for her and we'd like to cut the dose in half. The 25 mg tablets we're getting are not scored, and cutting them into even halves is tricky, even with a pill cutter. Other people have mentioned taking 12.5 mg. Are... read more

Parkinson disease along with dementia?

Are any of you dealing with someone who has Parkinson’s?

What medicines delay dementia?

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