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Trazadone and daytime anxiety?

I take 100 of trazadone at bedtime, but around 8 am feel very anxious. How does trazadone help anxiety during the day if it only lasts 8-10 hours, and is out of my system by morning? I am experimenting with taking 50 in the pm and 50 in the am, but feel I tired and out of fuzzy during the day. My... read more

Can I take Tylenol in the morning and 8 hrs later take Aleve for arthritis?

I have major arthritis and lots of pain. I want to know can I take Tylenol 8 hrs pill daytime and Aleve pm after that at night.

What is best time to take vesicare to get relief at night?

vesicare has helped in the daytime but not at night. I take it at 5:30 pm

Is Losartan causing my Insomnia and other symptoms?

Was taking Amlodipine for many years. Developed an irregular heartbeat attributed to Amlodipine September 2020. Blood pressure was high, so started on 100 mgs Losartan max dose daytime, and 10 mgs Bystolic nightime. I had a stuffy and bloody nose, loose stools, anxiety (I have GAD), and Insomnia.... read more

Quetiapine - daytime over-sedation by seroquel?

300 mg at bedtime is helping my chronic, extreme insomnia, but the weak, fatigued feeling during the next day has me wondering if Seroquel is the med for me. If I persevere with this much Seroquel at night will the daytime sedation diminish or is it becoming time I ask my shrink for a different med?

Viibryd - when is it best to take it.morning ?

i am 20 years old have never had a issue with depression or enz till resently my brother past away... i doc he recommended me viibryd i am kinda nerves to take because i have never went threw this.i never thot.i.would.get this down i.wake.up scared in the morning it seems to.come.down... read more

Metronidazole - Can I Use This Gel In The Day Time ?

I ask thus because I'm usually always sleep and laying down in the daytime and im up at night , will it work if i use it in the daytime or will i have to switch over to night time and if i just inserted a dose in the daytime will i have to take it at the same time everyday ?

I am taking azithromycin. Can I also take Tylenol Daytime Cold medicine?

I have strep throat and am now taking azithromycin, 250 mg. Is it okay to take any other cold medications that would help me sleep?

Mirtazapine 30mg is daytime tiredness as good as it gets after 4 weeks?

I have been prescribed this for anxiety - depression and sleep problems . It’s definitely helping , but what’s the the best time to take it for sleep? Sometimes I feel a bit “activated” and take a while to fall asleep. (Sleep fine when i drift off) I’ve been on it... read more

I’m on day 7 of Celexa (10mg) does daytime tiredness go away?

I’m feeling frustrated. Does the medication increase some anxiety? Affect heart rate? And cause daytime sleepiness? Do these symptoms pass?

When will daytime drowsiness from Effexor pass?

I’m on week#2 of Effexor (25mg) and still experiencing daytime drowsiness/sleepiness and insomnia. Will these side effects pass?

Oxybutynin for urinary frequency?

Taking ER 5 mg tablets and they work great. But side effects are a problem - itch, dry mouth, sleepiness in daytime. Wondering if I could take them every other day.

How long does daytime tiredness last when starting mirtazapine?

How long does daytime tiredness last when starting mirtazapine? I’ve been taking them for 4 days now and very tired in the day. Would drinking coffee help?

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