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My boyfriend & I are wanting to have a baby, we have 2 each from a previous relationship, so we want

Posted 4 days ago by Peppa72390 0 answers

... one together. So the other night we where having sex and of he ejaculated in me, but about 4 days later I came on my cycle around the time I suppose and stayed on for 3 days as normal but my cycle was more heavier and a lot of blood clots, my question is, Can I be pregnant even though I came on ...

Birth Control and Plan B?

Posted 14 days ago by Kloala16 1 answer

My boyfriend and I had sex and it was at the end of my period cycle. I know you can still be ovulating a week after your period is done. He used a condom but it broke and he came inside me. I was and still am on birth control, and I took the plan B pill about 3-4 hours after sex. Is there any way I ...

Ella - I had sex a month back and haven't got periods yet?

Posted 9 days ago by Rupa1 1 answer

I had sex on one day after my periods stopped on 17 april and had ellaone on 3rd day after having sex. As per my regular cycles my periods were due on 13 may but haven't come yet. I am scared and worried please provide some help.

HSS constipation continued with Amitiza?

Posted 2 May 2017 by Betty59 0 answers

I began taking Amitiza at the suggestion if my PCP. I've always had the constipation/diarrhea cycle for as long as I can remember; I've become so immune to not having BM's that I went 10+ days without BM. I've taken Miralax on a regular basis but it took 2 doses of magnesium ...

Why do I wake up at the end of every sleep cycle, 90 minutes?

Posted 3 May 2017 by vwbeetle 0 answers

I go to sleep very easily but will wake up about 90minutes later, I then go to the toilet and go back to sleep and this seems to happen most of the night. In the morning I feel very tired, this happens pretty much every day.

Could my girlfriend be pregnant?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 by gringo1204 1 answer

Had sex with my girlfriend on her 19th day of cycle using a condom with spermicidal lube and it broke, I went to buy the morning after pill 21 hours later and she took it but on the 20th day of her cycle she had a good amount of clear discharge , my girlfriend is not very regular with her cycle and ...

Lysteda - My cycle started yesterday. Is it normal for my cycle to stop after only 1 dose??

Posted 2 May 2017 by DebilitatingPeriods 0 answers

I have really heavy, I'm anemic, and having a hysterectomy soon ! My Dr. prescribed this to slow my bleeding ! Concerned about me needing a blood transfusion during surgery!!

On the pill and worried I am pregnant??

Posted 18 Apr 2017 by Haleymariee31 1 answer

I have been taking Auzrette, for almost 2 years now. I am 17 years old and originally took it for cramps and acne. Me and my partner didn't use a condom on the 9th day of my cycle. Chances of being pregnant? I am on no antibiotics and I am pretty good at taking my pill on time. He also pulled ...

Does 2 day bleeding restart period cycle?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by Wilder1978 1 answer

Took a Plan B march 27 bleed for 4 days (April 1st) took another one 2nd and bleed on the 7th for two days took one on the 15th because of a broken condom not sure if she was ovulation My girlfriend had took a plan b April 2nd bleed on April 7th till the 9th does that mean her cycle restarted ? And ...

Can I be pregnant after finishing the first pack or ovral pills and my periods started?

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by Mwati 0 answers

I finished my first pack of ovral 28 and am now on my period. Can I be pregnant after the menstrual cycle finished? Just after using one pack of ovral 28

How soon can I take Provera to delay period when unsure when period should start?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Vacay111 0 answers

Started period April 17 and going on vacation May 5-12. Not sure what my menstrual cycle is but if it is 28 days I would start my period May 15 but if its sooner I would start during vacation. Doctor gave me Provera to delay it but since I'm not sure of day when period would start I'm not ...

Can a person take hydroxyzine syrup once a day year round?

Posted 21 Apr 2017 by cpatrie 0 answers

Just wondering if it is something to cycle through or if can take year round?

Can you become pregnant before ovulation?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 by hockey123 0 answers

so I had my last period may 15th to the 19th. my period is not very regular and a cycle can last anywhere from 23 days to 35 days. so I had sex with a condom I'm the 22nd . three days after my period finished and before my ovularion supposedly and we found out the condom broke. I took a plan b ...

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