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Spironolactone (Spiro) has affected my menstrual cycle. I've always been regular and now after being

... on the pill I haven't had a period but I have had been cramping. I have read tons of reviews from thousands of women experiencing irregular menstrual cycle after being on Spiro yet this isn't listed as a side affect for this drug. Most women have 2 periods in one month, while others... read more

Can gabapentin affect your period (menstrual cycle)?

I've been taking it for about 2 to 3 months now. I take 600mg three times a day and my period is now a week late.

I was prescribed prednisone for an unknown rash or allergic reaction?

I'm prescribed 10mg per pill. A cycle of 12 days total. 6 total pill each day for three days. Then 4 total pills each day for three days. Then 2 pills each day for 3 days. And finally 1 pill for 3 days. I'm now into the middle of day 4. I haven't had any of the common or crazy... read more

What if my medicine is 3 times daily and I started the medicine at 9pm?

What if I started the medicine at 9pm do you break my sleep cycle to get up at 5am?

Should your cycles go back to normal after Plan B works?

After taking Plan B and getting your period about one week late, should you expect your cycle and next period to be on time and go back to normal? I’m asking this question because after taking Plan B and getting my period one week late, my ex boyfriend sexually assaulted me on the second day... read more

Is this the side effects of Plan B or early pregnancy symptoms? Please Help!!?

Ever since I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last month, I have become sexually active and since then my period comes every month but not regularly. My cycle ranges from 28-32 days every month. Sometimes it comes a week after my expected period. Recently though, I had started my period on June 6,... read more

Can you self inject the depo-proverb drug incorrectly?

I had a depo-provera needle given to me by my doctor. While I was away travelling the family clinic would not administer it as I didn't get it from their clinic. Due to keeping to my cycle I decided to inject it myself. I researched and aimed for my upper right buttock. I made sure the area... read more

Can Plan B cause ovarian pain?

Hello there, I am 23 years old, and this is what happened. My cycle's length is 28 days. My last period started on the 6th February and lasted until the 10th. I had sex with my fiancée on the 12th around 4 PM, he couldn't maintain his erections while using condoms so we decided to... read more

Depo-Provera - I got my shot 4 days before my period is due. Will I still get it or no?

I am 16 years old, it was my first time ever going on birth control. I decided to go with depo And I did this 4 days before my period. I know it affects my cycle but does it do this on the very first time and so soon?

Took Plan B around 11th day in my period cycle. How likely am I to get pregnant?

I am changing my usual birth control and there was an accident so I took plan within 3 hours. I did not bleed after a week of taking plan b and my period is due on March 10th. My usual cycle is 28 days long, lasts just 3 days. So I had sex on the 21st and my last period started February 10th and... read more

What are the odds of pregnancy? I’m on day 9 of my cycle and the condom broke?

I took Plan B a couple hours after the condom broke, but I’m really scared I’ll get pregnant. What are my odds?

I was prescribed medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 day's. Can I become pregnant?

My doctor prescribed medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 days, due to the fact I haven't had regular cycles since ending Mirena IUD 8 months ago. I currently have two pills left to take. But my question is what are my chances of becoming pregnant with this medication, especially as this is my... read more

For how many months can Plan B affect your cycle?

How long is Plan B affecting your cycle? I had sex with my significant other on May 17th. my period was on may 10th and lasted for a week. We didn’t know if the condom slipped off but we bought Plan B to be safe. I took it on may 20th and thought nothing of it. One week later at work I... read more

Depo shot “why can’t I conceive”?

I’m 19 and took the depo-shot only once back on September 22, 2020 and from that day 3 months after I decided not to get injected again & got my regular period (regular cycles never late on my periods) back to this day I’ve been trying to conceive but I had no luck is there any... read more

Morning after pill caused tender breasts but no period?

Hi, I could use some advice and some help. I had sex during the afternoon on the 28th of May (day 26 of my usually 29-31 days cycle) and I track my cycle. According to the tracker, I finished ovulation a week before we had sex and I can remember having egg white discharge during during that week.... read more

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