Hello there, I am 23 years old, and this is what happened. My cycle's length is 28 days. My last period started on the 6th February and lasted until the 10th. I had sex with my fiancée on the 12th around 4 PM, he couldn't maintain his erections while using condoms so we decided to take it off, we were sure that his pre-cum was clean and he pulled out way before he ejaculated. Two days later on 14th February, we did the same thing happened around 11 PM. Even though I know he didn't ejaculate inside I got freaked out because I was near my ovulation. It was due the 19th in my calender. So I went the following day and took Plan B, NorLevo 1.5 mg Lévonorgestrel. A week later I had brown discharge for 4 days, and I bled once, and my right ovary was hurting, followed with some light period cramps like. After the discharge has stopped, my right ovary kept hurting for another 4 days with white clear sticky discharge. After when this has stopped and just 5 days before my normal period is due (the 5th March) I started experiencing what I would normally experience before my period : light cramps and very very light yellowish discharge. Now it is the 6th, I still haven't got my period, and my left ovary started hurting and I got really confused. What could it be?