I'm prescribed 10mg per pill. A cycle of 12 days total. 6 total pill each day for three days. Then 4 total pills each day for three days. Then 2 pills each day for 3 days. And finally 1 pill for 3 days. I'm now into the middle of day 4. I haven't had any of the common or crazy symptoms it seems most people have experienced while on this steroid. I have felt fine. However, as states I'm now in the middle of day 4. Just as I was noticing all my symptoms that lead me to the ER in the first place, seemed to be going away, it's taken a different turn today and are mildly coming back. Minus the swallowing of my throat and feeling like the skin specifically on my neck and chest was burning off!!! It was pure HELL and felt like my body was shutting down. I was also paired with a tension med as well. Considering my symptoms were cause my hypertension and constant panic attacks. While in the ER the Doctor immediately took two large samples of blood... (what they tested for I don't know?) then I was given an IV with 5 injections. Which made me feel like Jesus!!! I wasn't given a diagnosis or an explanation as to what could or possible may have be happening or what's causing my body to fell like I'm literally walking they hell. Long story short I've been taking my medicine EXACTLY the way it's prescribed. The last 3 days I was feeling very comfortable and hopeful the hell is almost over. No burning. Very little to NO inflammation, no red lumps or packages that look like I have a chemical burn. No itching. Up until today. Day (4h A tingling soft burning sensation, which makes my skin feel like it rare. If I touch it it's like wild right with the rash and inflammation. It's on my neck. Which causes it to feel very tight and rare. However I'm not have the swollen throats of breathing problem I had in the beginning (thank god) it slowly and molding moving down my chest. It's also up and down my arms. Burning sensation with a tight rare feeling. I do not have a temperature. I've taken more Benadryl in the last 8 hours than I have in the last 4 days. I've also had to use a Benadryl dry gel lotion all over my chest, neck, arms, and back of my neck and upper back right behind my shoulders (which as of today is a new spot since all of this has happened) I don't understand why it seems like it starting to go backwards. Is this a normal reaction from my medicines in the middle of the cycle? I'm keeping optimistic in thinking my body is pushing out the remainder of the junk that's on or under my skin... I have to say though my gut makes me feel nervous that this shouldn't be happening? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! Doctor! Dermatologists!!! NURSE!!! Thank for taking the time to read this novel!!! Means so much!!! I however feel in this situation it's best to be as accurate and detailed as possible!!! Someone please help me!!!