Hello all,

Last Saturday I woke up with an allergic reaction to something that has caused a rash along my arms, torso, neck, and legs. My assumption is a shower gel body wash I used Friday night caused the flare up. I've used this wash before without issue, but I've been told that really means nothing.

I went to an urgent care clinic, and they gave me a steroid shot (can't remember name), and prescribed me 20mg Prednisone pills to take two times a day for 5 days, as well as Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream two times a day for 7 days.

I went to my normal doctor the next day, and was told the prescription is fine, and it should clear up soon. I'm now on day 3 of this prescription, and there's times where I look and it seems like the rash is clearing up, but then other times where it looks like there's been no improvement with additional spreading. I'm also taking Benadryl various times throughout the day to help with the itching, and to give me a good night's rest. From reading various forums online and the impact of using prednisone, I thought the rash would be gone by now, but maybe I have unreasonable expectations.

Any idea when I should contact my doctor and let her know the rash is still around? I travel for work this coming Sunday, so I was hoping it would be gone by then, but not sure that will happen. Thanks in advance!