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I missed my antidepressant for 2 days in a row how will this affect me?

Posted 29 Oct 2014 3 answers

i take bupropion sr 150 mg a day for depression !! i take it once a day in the morning !! i have forgotten to take it 2 days in a row!! what could happen ? i have been crying all day and i feel like i can't think!! i plan to take it in the morning but im afraid of what will happen between now ...

Can plan b make you sad / depressed?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by linathekos 2 answers

I took plan b twice in a week and I read that some side effects are feeling depressed. I took it 4 weeks ago and 2 and a half weeks later I just felt so depressed and literally couldn't stop crying for 3 hours maybe a little bit more. It has now been 4 weeks and I cannot stop crying and ...

I started Celexa 3.5 weeks ago. I started on just 5mg and increased to 10mg 11 days ago. My daily?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by BostonJS37 5 answers

... crying fits and depression is gone but have not had any benefit whatsoever with panic and anxiety. Have I not been on it long enough and/or is the dose too low? My doctor wants me to increase to 20mg. The reason I am hesitant is because about 45 minutes after I take it it feels like I've ...

Wellbutrin - When does the sadness go away?

Posted 10 days ago by Lisad1965 3 answers

I've been on Wellbutrin 150 mg. Taken 1 time daily. I am coming up on 3 weeks soon. When will the sadness and crying go away? I don't feel as sad or cry as much as weeks ago. I just want to know when will the sadness go away?

I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. Could an it be the Plan B pill?

Posted 9 days ago by Lys3067 2 answers

I took Plan B about two weeks ago, and I feel as though my mind and emotions are affecting my day to day activities. I don’t eat, all I do is cry and sleep. I’ve been this way since I took the pill I feel depressed and sad every time I’m up. Could the hormones have something to do ...

Xanax and Klonopin for flying?

Posted 8 Feb 2017 by Membvanny 1 answer

My doctor gave me 2 mg of Xanax for a flight I had today. It did not work at all, and I was unable to board the flight. It did not relieve any anxiety or panic, and I was crying, no relief at all. I am currently at a hotel by the airport right now, with another flight to attempt tomorrow. It is not ...

Vermox - How long will it take to work, my daughter is suffering really baddly, ,thrashing in the?

Posted 28 Oct 2015 by Im Stresses10 1 answer

... bed and crying out in pain. Cant sleep. I gave the dose today but they are very active tonight and there are lots of thdm, even in her bed now

Clonazepam and Bupropion, anger and mood swings?

Posted 8 Mar 2015 by C_RBB 5 answers

I've been on bupropion XL 300 mg for roughly two years now, when I was put on it I'd been having ha difficult time with my moods often feeling depressed, and crying over stupid things that shouldn't have frustrated me. It worked rather well for me, up until recently. February 27th I ...

Will the crying ever stop I'm currently on Zoloft 100 MG?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by Rosa Davis 777 5 answers

I have been on this medicine for a while and each time I take it seems like its not working what can I ask my doctor to prescribe me so I won't feel so bad I cry every day and it makes my aneixty bad please help

Does Zoloft make you feel like crying in an out of control way?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by gutimaya 2 answers

I woke up in the middle of the night and started feeling a lot of negative thoughts. I started to cry uncontrollably. I have been on Zoloft for 2 weeks and just experience this feeling twice. I have been in a very depressive mood but this was out of the norm. Can Zoloft cause this reaction? ...

Getting anxitey, depression, mood swings on kyleena and loss of sex drive...anyone else?

Posted 25 Apr 2018 by lizzyresearch 2 answers

I'm not bleeding or cramping anymore. My periods are lighter but longer. I have gained some weight and have a pimple here or there. This is all alright but I cannot deal with the crying spells, anxiety, and lack of motivation. I don't even want to have sex anymore and can no longer get ...

I have a fear of flying and have taken Ativan to no avail I took 4 .5mg's and still suffered extreme

Posted 13 Dec 2014 by Megnesium 5 answers

My doctor prescribed mg 10 Capsules of activan .5mg. I had never taken it before, so I tried the Eve before my travels and it seemed to work. The next morning I took one cause I was already crying about having to go to the airport. I then took a gravol ( which usually knocks me out ) while i was in ...

I tired Xanax (2mg) for the first time and I got really tired and fell asleep. I woke up and as soon

Posted 25 Oct 2014 by Random001 3 answers

... as I woke up I was like wired. I got really angry and emotional. I was screaming and crying and just so agitated and that is not me at all. I was even accusing of cheating. Is this a side effect of Xanax? I was not myself at all and some things were a blur. Could this get worse?

Sharp pain behind right eye when crying?

Posted 19 Dec 2014 by Melymg77 3 answers

Lately every time I cry (I'm very emotional and on my period) my right eye has been having a really sharp pain behind my eye like the socket and its so sharp that I have to stop myself from crying because it hurts so bad, is this normal? What is it?

Wellbutrin SR - Anyone getting muscle pain or tendinitis on Wellbutrin?

Posted 16 Mar 2018 by Retiredandbored 2 answers

On it for 3 weeks and getting sharp pain and dull ache in shoulder and rotator cuff area. Also crying more easily over nothing. Don’t know if it’s related to the drug or not. Wondering if I should try it for one more week.

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