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I missed my antidepressant for 2 days in a row how will this affect me?

Posted 29 Oct 2014 3 answers

i take bupropion sr 150 mg a day for depression !! i take it once a day in the morning !! i have forgotten to take it 2 days in a row!! what could happen ? i have been crying all day and i feel like i can't think!! i plan to take it in the morning but im afraid of what will happen between now ...

Can plan b make you sad / depressed?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by linathekos 2 answers

I took plan b twice in a week and I read that some side effects are feeling depressed. I took it 4 weeks ago and 2 and a half weeks later I just felt so depressed and literally couldn't stop crying for 3 hours maybe a little bit more. It has now been 4 weeks and I cannot stop crying and ...

I am weaning off of 450mg of Effexor XR that I have been on for 10 years?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 by Los Cabos 2 answers

That is taking 3-150mg each am. I took 2-150mg for 22 days and that was the hardest period. Sweats at nite, headache, crying spells and so sad, then I went to 1-150mg for another 22days and felt so much better. Still have occasional nite sweats, bruising but no crying spells or depressive thoughts. ...

My son is 16 and he has a bladder infection. He has seen a doctor at urgent care and?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by Loganpineda 1 answer

When he pees he keeps crying. Is it ok for him to use povidone iodine pads on the outside of his penis only when he has to pee? Will this help with his pain?

How can I stop my right eye from watering?

Posted 24 Sep 2017 by VMA1998 0 answers

For over a month, my right eye has been watering on and off every day. There is no pain, it is just annoying. I constantly look like I am crying and I have to touch my actual eye every five minutes to get rid of the tear before it falls down my face. Does anyone know what this could be and how I ...

Hi I have just joined this support group. I started sertraline about 4 & a half weeks ago, on 25mg..

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Liz4422 2 answers

... then upped to 75mg, 100mg & now 150mg. Just for a couple of days at 50mg I saw a "glimmer of hope", now I just feel so low, I keep crying, can't get up in the mornings & generally can't see this ever ending. I get physical OCD symptoms/phobia & this hits me each ...

This question is about Lexapro 10 mg?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by zatina77 1 answer

I am supposed to take Lexapro 10 mg one time a day, so I decided I would just take 5mg at about the three-day Mark crying spell started to come this happened once before when I try to go to just five milligrams a day period. But when I take 10mg of Lexapro I feel like I get very angry or something ...

After stopping Mibelas, how long did it take you to feel "normal" again?

Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Jackie133 0 answers

I am having terrible anxiety, mood swings, headaches, crying... totally not feeling myself. Body aches... so frustrating. Any help is appreciated!

Levocetirizine - Can it make me a crying agitated psychotic mess suicidal and wanting to hurt?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by Luvabull22 0 answers

I just realized when I started taking xyzal again all of a sudden I was crying happy or sad and at anything all the time. I was a major witch and everything upset me and started accusing my hubby of things I knew weren't happening and was ready for a divorce and I wanted to hurt people and I ...

My 5 1/2 year old son doesn't like things swinging?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by skmonroe1 1 answer

He runs around the house crying saying things are swinging. He also doesn't like when things roll. If something is tipped over he has to make sure he picks it up. Any ideas of what this could be?

Major Depressive Disorder - I didn't think it would be a big deal since I was to see my psychiatrist

Posted 5 May 2017 by AshleyLida 4 answers

... in 2 days so I skipped my Effexor. Today is day two and I feel horrible. My brain and eyes are "sparking" I'm miserably depressed, had to leave work bc I can't stop crying, I actually considered driving my car into a tree... suicidal thoughts for sure. I feel so alone, no ...

How long will it take for my eyes NOT to be so sentitive to light after using Vigamox for an eye...

Posted 31 May 2017 by rainbowbrite72 0 answers

... ulcer now when i walk outside on a sunny day. I can't see anything and my eye waters like I am crying. When will this stop?

Why am I crying so much lately?

Posted 29 May 2017 by magalchemy 0 answers

As a child, I only ever cried when there was a death in the family. Now, in the past couple of years (I'm in my mid-twenties), I seem to cry a lot. At almost nothing. And I seem to have mini-meltdowns on top of it. For example, this morning my dad suggested we go catch a movie at a certain ...

I need help with my Lexapro dosage?

Posted 5 Apr 2017 by pepper4565 3 answers

I'm 15 and I've had my Lexapro increased to 30 mg. Is that too high? I've been taking it for a while now and I'm starting to feel like it's not working anymore. I've been crying in my sleep a lot too. I need help please.

I started Celexa 3.5 weeks ago. I started on just 5mg and increased to 10mg 11 days ago. My daily?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by BostonJS37 5 answers

... crying fits and depression is gone but have not had any benefit whatsoever with panic and anxiety. Have I not been on it long enough and/or is the dose too low? My doctor wants me to increase to 20mg. The reason I am hesitant is because about 45 minutes after I take it it feels like I've ...

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