I have been taking lamotrigine 25mg for five days as treatment for Bipolar II. I am also on Lithium 1000mg and have been since 2018/19. I have noticed drowsiness, which I was warned about, but also extreme sensitivity/ crying over something as little as a TikTok video (I don't usually cry frequently, especially since starting Lithium, and any emotional outbursts are usually limited to anger and frustration which may result in crying but not this kind of sad/helpless sooking). I've also, for the past two nights, had really long, vivid, detailed narrative-style dreams which I can remember the next day almost completely. I don't usually have dreams at all and if I do, I certainly cannot remember them. Are these just normal side effects of starting out on the medication that will be reduced once I am on the correct dose and my body is used to it? Has anyone else experienced this? If so, for how long?