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Compound W - First treatment day it is all white around, is this normal?

I got compoundW extra strength liquid. First day putting it on its white as snow. And should I wear a bandaid on it all the time??

How to properly use Compound W Liquid?

Compound W Fast Acting Liquid is used to remove some plantar warts on the feet. The bottle provides very little direction. So how do you properly use it? After applying the two coats, the skin/liquid turns white. Do you peel it off? Do you cover it with a bandaid? Do you just continue to reapply... read more

I used Compound W on a plantar wart for a month and it has fallen off. Do I need to keep using it?

How do I know if it has really all gone?

Compound W - Can this be used on skin tags?

Will wiping off Compound W decrease chances of successful treatment?

Using Compound W for the first time. Am I supposed to leave it on after it dries or do I wipe it off? It doesn't say on the box and I can't find anything on the web. Would it decrease the chances of treatment of I DID wipe it off? Or should I just put a bandaid on it? It's just this... read more

When do I know the wart is gone? I have used Compound W bandages a few different times, and just?

... when I think the wart is gone, I comes back with avengance

Compound W - what if it starts to itch...a lot?

its been itching around the bandaid and under it ... whats wrong?

Compound W - Is it normal to feel an increased amount of pain around the area ?

I started using Compound W to remove a plantars wart on the ball of my foot. This is the third day of treatment and the pain around the area has increased significantly. Is it normal for the treatment to hurt more than the plantars wart did?

When using Compound W for a corn, are the skin layers supposed to fall off? Or are you supposed to?

... activelly pull away the layers as they become loose?

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