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How to properly use Compound W Liquid?

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 7, 2022.

Compound W Fast Acting Liquid is used to remove some plantar warts on the feet. The bottle provides very little direction. So how do you properly use it? After applying the two coats, the skin/liquid turns white. Do you peel it off? Do you cover it with a bandaid? Do you just continue to reapply to liquid over it once I need to reapply? Or will it just fall off on its own? Also how will you know when the warts are gone?

Official answer


According to the official instructions, you should keep applying Compound W Liquid one or two times per day until the wart is removed for up to 12 weeks.

This would suggest the time it takes is related to the thickness of the skin in the area the wart is formed. The wart should form a blister, crust or scab which should break up and fall off.

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