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Drug Test - What will cause a false positive for Cocaine on a urine test?

i have never used cocaine but it showed up in a recent drug test

What are all the possible causes of a positive cocaine result in a urine test?

Hello. I am in a heated custody battle for my son in which I am winning. Then after months of hearings my exwife decided to allege that I was a cocaine addict. I admittedly (as did she) experiment with the drug many years ago. To put her mind at ease, I voluntarily said I would undergo urine... read more

Can Lidocaine (patch) Cause A False Positive For Cocaine On A Drug Test?

One MD told me it can test positive for cocaine and another MD said it can not. Does anyone know for sure? The drug test I am asking about is a urine test. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Someone I know tested positive for cocaine on drug test at work. What can cause a false positive?

He doesn't do drugs. He is on several medications for pseudo gout/rheumatoid arthritis including Humira. And has been on a steroid as well. I read tonic water can cause a false positive. He drinks it all the time. What medications and or other substances can cause a false positive on a drug... read more

What causes false possitive drug screen for cocaine my career depends on an answer?

i take several medications linopril metformin glipizide simvastin omperazole 81mg asprin lidocaine patches for back pain and orajel benzocaine for tooth ache my doctor just gave me lorazepam yesterday as well as zolpidem for sleep

Why do all stimulants make me sleepy?

Every stimulant I have ever tried makes me tired, so tired that I feel like I am about to die. Cocaine,Speed,Amphetamine,Ephedrine,Adderall,Coffeine and so on. If I take a Redbull, go straight to sleep. Drink coffe, do straight to sleep. I have no symptoms of ADHD. In fact I am the opposite. That... read more

I have been taking cocaine for the past 10 years I also used to use ecstacy and I drink alcohol?

... quite heavily. The last year or so my cocaine use has increased alot. I was using every weekend and some times on Thursday. (four days a week) I usually only crave when I am out drinking and socializing but sometimes it would be pre organized to take it (coke). I really want to quit this. I... read more

Can the nose heal from cocaine use?

I know that heavy cocaine use can wear down the cartilage of the nose, even to the point where it can form a hole. But aside from that, can the nose heal itself from the stuffiness and constant dripping? Also, can a doctor tell if a person has used cocaine by looking up a patient's nose, even... read more

Can taking naproxen cause me to have a faulty urine screen?

I took a 2 naproxen 500 at about 5am then took a urine screen at about 1130am n it show maurijuana and cocaine n my urine which is not possible because I never used those drugs before

When you add water to dilute urine in a drug test what will that do?

I took the test when i got charged for DUID, i did a feild test as well a urine test,i found out after that they can tell if u put water in it, (which i did put a little) that being can they tell how much water was added then minus it accordingly to find out the proper results? or will it mess up... read more

What drug would give a false positive for cocaine?

what would give a false positive for thc also

Can he excuse cheating on taking coke?

My boyfriend took 2 grams of coke to himself the other night. He rarely does coke and i mean very rarely but it wasnt his first time. Anyway we are both 18 and he went off and had sex with a 31 year old. He is so ashamed of himself he was crying and nearly getting sick the next day when he told me.... read more

If I have not taken opiates or cocaine but tested positive for them via mouth swab?

I got a dwi last year. i was put on probation for 3 years. The first visit to my p.o. I had to give a urine sample. It was an instant result which was negative, however, the temperature did not come up to where it should have and the P.O. didn't go into the bathroom with me so I had to give a... read more

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