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Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Questions

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Hi. I'm a CML patient and use Fentanyl Patch. Best places to place patch on body?

Posted 15 Jul 2013 by Hunterkb 6 answers

I will use a tagaderm if needed as I sweat a bit more than normal. I usually place them on my chest but was curious what other experiences were on other parts of body and how that affected the drug

How can I handle depression and high blood pressure?

Posted 3 Feb 2012 by BillieM 5 answers

I have cml, I take sprycel.I have been on anti-depressants for over 35 years I take 300mg. wellbutrin and 120 mg cymbalta daily. I developed high bp last october I am on my 3rd drug, and I am not handling it very well. My problem is since I started bp medicine I feel very depressed. Usually ...

When does patent expire on Gleevec? When will generic be available in U.S.?

Posted 10 Sep 2012 by tiredandbroke 4 answers

Taking it for CML for 7 years now.It has quadrupled in price.5 yrs away from Medicare,don't think I can work that long.

Does your hair fall out when taking gleevec?

Posted 18 Feb 2010 by 1950mom 4 answers

Can certain medications cause excessive drooling?

Posted 4 Jul 2011 by BillieM 3 answers

I have cml I take 100mg daily and protonix for barets disease ,plavix aspirin and lipitor for vascular disease,wellbutrin and cymbalta for depression.

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) - Started on Gleevec in March 2012, has worked great but I am so?

Posted 20 Dec 2012 5 answers

... tired of being tired, will this continue? I could use a nap a few hours after waking up most days. Started on Gleevec March 2012, working great!

Just started Sprycel 100mg. 2 weeks ago for CML, what are some of the side effects experienced by?

Posted 21 Aug 2010 by sprangtj 5 answers

... some of you? Gleevec (I was on it for 2 1/2yrs.) didn't show it's real side effects on me until I was on it for 2 months or more. So far my bloodwork is alot better i.e. platelets, red & white cells. I lost a lot of weight while on Gleevec & now my appetite is better, gained ...

Solution to allergy of rash and itching from Tasigna?

Posted 23 Aug 2011 by KariSlye 2 answers

I was diagnosed with CML about 4 months ago. I tried Gleevac but found it caused too much water retention (my eyes became so puffy and swollen, I could not see). I was then put on Tasigna which had its own particular side effects for me. I have allergies and developed a rash with itching on my ...

I just started on bp medicine how long until my bp is stable?

Posted 4 Dec 2011 by BillieM 3 answers

I have recently been dx with high blood pressure my doc has put me on 20mg of lisinopril daily I also have cml and I take Sprycel for that. My bp is going up and down I have my own monitor right now it is 140/71-90 minutes ago it was 166/80-3 hours ago it was 173/87 at 11:00 this morning it was ...

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) - sprycel rash? treatments?

Posted 24 Aug 2015 by jackio147 4 answers

has anyone had facial rash due to sprycel? what was the treatment without stopping the med?

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) - Im very scared because my doctor said I have to switch to?

Posted 7 Jun 2010 by rsgiles325 4 answers

... tasigna, does anyone take that?

I have leukemia,vascular disease,barets,depression,and now high blood pressure I just started taking

Posted 6 Nov 2011 by BillieM 5 answers

... metoprolol 50mg 3 weeks ago I take Sprycel a chemo pill for my cml. And other meds to control my chronic illnesses. I am so very tired and I can feel myself getting more depressed. Coping with all my health problems and taking so many meds is hard enough. Will my body adjust to this medication ...

I am taking tasigna for CML and have constipation. Do you have any suggestions?

Posted 24 Jun 2012 by birdbrain123 4 answers

I've tried all the usual constipation remedies and am taking Mineral Oil which has helped but I don't know about the long term effects.

I have been on Bosulif for 2 weeks now, the diarrhea is so severe, I am thinking of quitting?

Posted 31 Oct 2012 by Sassylpn 4 answers

I have tried Imodium which helps with the diarrhea, but puts me into the opposite with constipation. Trying to find a happy medium. In the mean time trying to deal with, pain, swelling and bleeding. Appetite is affected, feeling run down and just no energy. Trying to eat foods that help with ...

Anybody there? Am interested in effects of sprycel and CML?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by John2dogs 3 answers

Hello I am new to group as well as to CML (diagnosed December 2013). I noticed most posts are from 2012 or later, my question is is this group still active? I am curious to how people are doing on Sprycel and how long they have been on it as I would like to have an idea of what the future holds. ...

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