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What are the effects if you dont remove implanon after 3 years?

dont have the money or insurance to have it removed and im scared that it may cause infertility... i do want children one day. i was supposed to have it removed in january of 2014. i have noticed that i am moody and sex drive is horrible since i was supposed to have it removed but didnt think... read more

Can a man taking depakote cause children to have birth defects and disabilities I have 3 kids same?

... dad all have disabilities from seizures to cerebral palsey Autism Adhd bipolar schitzofrinia cognitive disorder wheel chair bound to name a few

Prozac - what does it make you feel like?

My doctor just put me on this because I've been really depressed since I had my D&C and I'm ccurious about the way it will make me feel. I know it's an antidepressant but I have 2 other children and I don't want to feel like it's not working so I just want to know is... read more

When did you start to feel better on Lexapro? Pls positive stories. I feel very awful?

Anyone have positive encouraging stories being on Lexapro? I'm so worried and scared to start medication but it's really hurting my children and husband. Is like I'm not the same person. I really wish to meet here anyone that felt they would never feel the same again but did. Please... read more

Was phenobarbital ever given to children as a treatment for hyperactivity?

My mother says she was given this drug as a child for hyperactivity and believes this is what caused her learning disabilities. How long does a child have to be on phenobarbital before the drug causes a permanent cognitive disability?

Is Ofloxacin safe for children below age of 3 years?

My son is 1 year old and suffering from Diarrhea. He has been prescribed Ofloxacin and Metronidazole suspension. Is it safe of children less than 3 years of age?

What is the best medicine for autism in young children that are 10 years old?

My son is non-verbal and is austisc he has aggressive behavior and he doesn't sleep at all we can give him melatonin and it doesn't help can anyone please tell me what medicine is best for this

Adalimumab - I am a male who has been on Humira for about four years. I was told that my wife and I?

... will not be able to have children while I am taking Humira as it will cause a miscarriage. Is this true? If so is this permanent ?

Citalopram 20mg tablets feel like I'm.going crazy?

I have been on 10mg citroplam for years but not talking them properly like I should... anyways I have gone through a break up 10 year relationship mutual decision we have 2 young children whom I love so so much I have moved into a 2 bed flat to be close to them but since I moved out the depression... read more

I gave my 1 year old children's Benadryl?

I gave my 1 year old children's Benadryl. I used the lid that closes bottle to give it to him. I gave him 2 and a half of the lid full... So maybe 2 big teaspoons ... Will he be fine... He was extremely tired and couldn't even fight sleep.

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