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Gabapentin complimented with Tramadol?

Posted 16 May 2014 by DrCharbonneau 5 answers

I'm a physicist, not an MD. I've been to the ER for back and wrap-around chest pain on my left side twice in the past 1-1/2 months. The first trip concluded with the ER doc finding, via CT scan, that I have bone lesions on my ribs. He didn't prescribe anything effective: ...

Naproxen - how long does it take for this drug to leave your system?

Posted 17 Jan 2015 by bearkins 1 2 answers

After feeling so ill with chest pains and shortness of breath , blurred vision and generally unwell I decided to check this medication out on this site. I had been prescribed Naproxen approx 2years ago for arthritis, I am also taking an antidepressant. I had treatment for blood clots in both lungs ...

Prednisone - how do you counteract the jittery speedy feeling and not be able to sleep. I am on day?

Posted 26 Jun 2013 by linp 2 answers

... 3 and have to take them for 12 days Taking for a virile cough and chest pain

Multiple Sclerosis - Is chest pain common in people with MS?

Posted 18 Mar 2014 6 answers

I have (attacks) times that i get a heavy feeling in my chest it starts under my left breast then turns into a very sharp pain that goes to the top of my left arm,up that side of my neck and around my jaw.It started shortly after all the other symptoms and was only in my chest but now has ...

My uncle suffering from high blood pressure 140/80 and he told u that his heart beating too fast and

Posted 15 Jan 2014 by dipesh yadav 1 answer

... sime time chest pain as well as his vein moving in his every part body like earthworm walking so advice him plz

I have chest pain, palpitations, heaviness in chest, dizziness, headaches, numbness in extremities?

Posted 30 Jan 2013 by agbolton 7 answers

i get pain and twinges in chest, it always feels heavy, occasional rapid heartbeat or a heavy heartbeat, get very dizzy (especially when going to sleep), constant headaches (every day), and i get a numb tingling in my face and arms that also has a burning prickling sensation.

Esophageal Spasm - I have a lump in my throat and chest pain 24-7 from my esophageal muscle spasms?

Posted 7 Dec 2012 by jkbermy 3 answers

what is the best medication and is the lump and pain normal to stay continous Thanks

What could be causing my Scratchy throat?

Posted 8 days ago by Abelsmom 1 answer

For the past week or so I have had this weird irritated scratchy throat. I've also expiercened a lot of heart burn, belching, and mild chest pain. What could be causing this? I'm not on any medications, I don't smoke, I'm not overweight, I eat the correct foods. Everything is ...

I have been on Saphris for a year?

Posted 2 days 9 hours ago by Mommymurf83 1 answer

I just went to the hospital for high pulse and chest pain and they did a drug teat and it came back that I had methamfidmen in me and I swear I have bnwver done that in my life.. Could it be possible

Multiple Sclerosis - I have severe chest pain. Been checked out by a cardiologist. Must be a form of

Posted 23 Jan 2017 by Sk8r 2 answers

... the MS hug. Does anyone have any relief for this pain?

Facing Gall Bladder removal without stopping my Plavix (blood thinner)?

Posted 25 Jan 2017 by Tee6759 3 answers

I'd been having "chest pains" since June of 2016. After repeated ER visits, a catherization was done to find a blockage of 80%. A stent was placed, but the pains continued. They were quite severe at times. After numerous GI tests, they found my gall bladder was "inflamed and ...

Why does my chest hurt after taking linzess for the first time?

Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Tonyalafferty 0 answers

I took the pill about 15 mins ago and now I'm having chest pains.

Chest pain after swimming or walking?

Posted 30 Dec 2016 by darius44 3 answers

I was at the end of my 61 years and two weeks before my 62nd birthday, I begin having chest pain while swimming. I have been lifting weights and swimming for about 5 years and am in very good shape for my age. I could not finish my lap swimming when this happened and went and did my weight lifting ...

What does it mean if antidepressants stop working and you have chest pains and tightness?

Posted 3 Jan 2017 by Rere17 1 answer

I can't sleep right now because I have a very very tight chest and I can't sleep with it. It hurts. I have had a stomach bug dihorea and believe to think that it could have stopped my antidepressants from working cause they have been flushed straight out my system. Plus my mood has been ...

Norvasc - Twinges of chest pain today. What do I need to do?

Posted 8 Jan 2017 by Nicknamemick 1 answer

On norvasc 5 x 4 days. Experiencing twinges of chest pain this morning. What should I do? On it for sudden increase in BP ( 190/98). It is bringing my BP down.

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