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Carvedilol Questions

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Carvedilol - weight gain?

I have had rapid weight gain since taking carvedilol. My food intake has not changed that much, however maybe my salt intake has been higher.

Taking a double dose of carvedilol 25mg?

I take 25mg of carvedilol twice a day.. I accidentally took my second dose 4 hours later from my first dose what can happen & what should I do?

Best substitute for carvedilol?

Can Cialis be taken with Carvedilol?

I am prescribed Carvedilol for high blood pressure and have a free sample of Cialis, will it interact or is it safe?

Anyone taking Lisinopril & Carevdilol for Cardiomyopathy, how did you find it?

I would love to hear from people who are taking lisinopril and carvedilol together. I was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy and I have been taking these medications for 4 months now. I just want to know if this medicine will work and how long for whomever is taking it, did it work for... read more

Is is necessary to take (3) different blood pressure medicines?

My husband is taking Carvedilol, Lisinopril and Spironolactone. I am concerned about the side effects of taking so many medicines. He is also taking Atorvastatin, Warfarin, and Plavix.

Carvedilol - I've developed a severe rash,itching,and a change in urine.(more frequent,and very?

... little even though I feel like I have to really really have to go.What do I need to do?

How long does it take carvedilol to work?

I took my first dose last night for hypertension, bp went lower for 2 hours them shot up again. Today it's still high, no difference. Do I just need to be patient? Last bp today was 188/96.

Amlodipine alternatives for better drug interactions?

What other nausea medication are out there that won't have as large of a drug interaction with simvastatin, carvedilol, tamsulosin, tramadol, dicyclomine, and hydroxyurea?

Is Carvedilol a blood thinner?

What is the exact difference between following terms.dispersible tablet,Orodispersible?

... tablet,orally disintegrating tablet and mouth dissolving tablet

When my adult son is on carvedilol and lisinopril he complains about feeling "out of it"?

and friends and I have told him he also looks different. It was prescribed by cardiologists physicians assistant. They say he would have to take it for a year. I remember when my tenormin was reduced - when my Doctor told me that I had a healthy heart and not to take a certain rx a cardiologist... read more

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