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Is Trintellix the same as Brintellix?

Is anyone on Brintellix also experiencing hair loss?

I (35yrs. F) have been on Brintellix for two weeks (5mg and 10mg, respectively) and additionally to the common side effects like nausea, dizziness, and itching I'm losing noticeably more hair than before. Did anyone experience the same effect and has it stopped?

Just started on 10mg Brintellix last night, very nauseated, sleepy this morning. Have not felt good?

... all day, still very nauseated and wondering whether to take another one tonight. How long is nausea expected to last? Dr. has switched me to this from 100 Mg zoloft for panic/anxiety disorder

Vortioxetine - Anyone experience rage on Brintellix?

Has anyone experienced poor impulse control and rage on Brintellix? I was in the supermarket today and became so irritated. I'm afraid I'll have an outburst at work. I've been taking 20mgs of Brintellix now for approximately 4 week and prior to they 5 weeks on 10mgs. The only other... read more

Brintellix - Does anyone have problems with Insomnia on this med?

Has anyone experienced insomnia which stopped after a while again on this med? I have serious trouble with it and ask myself if it's going to stop on this med. I had no problems sleeping before the med. Thanks!

Today is day two of me taking Lexapro. I feel more anxiety and sick to my stomach?

Is there a recommended time of the day to take it. I take it 10 mg at 7:30 p.m. but wake up with anxiety and nausea. I was on brintellix but really didn't do anything for me.

Brintellix - How long does the itching last?

Been on Brintellix for 1 week now, the itching started last night, is this normal?

Does vortioxetine (Trintellix / Brintellix) cause acidic stomach?

I have a sensitive stomach already meaning I avoid acidic foods (coffee, tomatoes, spicy foods), but usually my symptoms are stomach pain when I have these types of foods. Since taking vortioxetine I have been having constant hunger pangs - it only dissipates for about 10-20 minutes after I've... read more

Vortioxetine - I have itching on Brintellix 10 mgs. Not constant. Random parts of my body?

Does anyone have experience with this and most importantly, foes it go away? Went through a horrible w/d from MAO's that lasted 2 months and the Brintellix is helping a great deal. Looking for hope this itching gets better or not worse.

Vortioxetine - Brintellix first three days?

Has anyone felt at first such terrible feeling as I did? I felt fresh in first day but i do not really remember how the day was. I mostly was at home. I was calm but mood wasn't good. I really was confused and felt sometimes good, sometimes not good. Day two I was out with a friend and truly... read more

Citalopram - Does Brintellix caused someone insomnia and restlesness while going to sleep?

I took Brintellix for two weeks for depression. It helped me allot with the depression, calmed me down, and gave me lots of motivation for the whole day. The main side effect was that I could not get to sleep at night, and I was constantly used sleeping pills in order to get to sleep. Do someone... read more

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