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Lexapro - Generic Vs Name Brand?

Posted 13 Feb 2014 by JustMeTam 5 answers

I was switched from Brand name to the generic without realizing it. Shame on me - I should have known. By the time I caught on to what was going on, I found myself in the Black Pit only those with depression can understand. I was not able to concentrate, forgetfulness, crying at the drop of a hat ...

Thoes taking name brand Wellbutrin from Direct Success; How's it working? Are you Feeling better?

Posted 24 Jan 2015 by RichMich 12 answers

I take Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. When I was switched from Brand name Wellbutrin to Par, Anchen, & Actavis generics I became more depressed, and had adverse reactions like unexplainable weight gain, Rashes, allergies, contact dermatitis to products that I had never been allergic to before ( I had ...

Cheap alternative to Mucinex D?

Posted 5 Aug 2014 by glendoragov 1 answer

I take four (4) tablets daily. CVS used to carry bottle of 100 (CVS brand) relatively inexpensive. No longer. I need to find cheaper alternative

Depression - I'm taking generic Wellbutrin (bupropion 150 mg xl).. I've read so much about brand?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by sara301 10 answers

... name working so much better than generic. Brand name is very expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it. Does anyone have experience using generic vs brand name. Has generic worked for anyone??

Is it possible for the reviews to distinguish between brand name Wellbutrin and the generics?

Posted 7 Mar 2014 by seekinglight 5 answers

I've been hearing so much about how people were doing well on brand name Wellbutrin, and then were switched by insurance to generics and had trouble. One generic has already been pulled off the market. My insurance won't pay for brand name if there is a generic, so I started on a generic ...

Nicotine - I am severely allergic to the Nicolette brand patches & the gum isn't working. Any way?

Posted 2 hours 5 minutes ago by Vk731 0 answers

... of comparing the ingredients? I quit years ago with a generic patch, but no longer have access to a Kmart store. I can't afford to spend much ( which helps limit cigarette consumption

Lexapro escitalopram side effects due to wrong dose.( Anxiety / Depression)?

Posted 14 days ago by MC Kanisa 1 answer

Hi All, 4 weeks of trying to battle with mild depression, anxiety and repetitive thoughts without them I finally gave in and I started taking escitalopram ( Lexapro) but under a different brand name 10 mg two weeks ago. To begin with I messed up the way I took my meds. I started taking by ...

Are Estrace tablets still being manufactured? If so, by what pharmaceutical company?

Posted 7 days ago by SN9 0 answers

I've used Estrace tablets for some years for HRT, after attempting several generic versions/brands of Estradiol, which I did not tolerate. My pharmacy switched me to a generic Estradiol, which has caused weight gain and hair loss. Can anyone recommend an alternative, if Estrace has been ...

Tri-Sprintec - Should the generic brand work the same as the brand name?

Posted 9 days ago by Mcortez22 0 answers

I've been taking tri-sprintec (the brand name) for the past 2 years and it's worked great for my acne. I recently moved so I had to transfer my prescription and now they give me the generic brand of tri-sprintec, but I've been breaking out a lot on my chin and cheeks. Should the ...

The GENERIC brand of my pain Med, makes me feel sick and gives me HEADACHES?

Posted 1 Nov 2016 by Racgold15 2 answers

Can I ask my Pharmacy for Name Brand instead of GENERIC?

Very Painful Stomach Pains?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by Grippy 3 answers

Last week I started feeling stomach pains after I ate breakfast at work. I dealt with the light pain and as the day went on it got a little bit worse but not horrible. I took an off brand of pepto bismo, and it didn't feel much better but did work a little. I literally fell asleep right away, ...

Can I take Linzess after I had already taken a Family Dollar store brand stool softener?

Posted 13 Nov 2016 by Augustsage 0 answers

I took a stool softener and it's benn an hour or so, can I take linzess? It's been nearly 2 almost 3 weeks since my last BM.. I really need help

Any body know a brand of fluoxetine similar to Accord?

Posted 8 Nov 2016 by Brenda230 0 answers

Accord brand discontinued I have taken this brand for many years. I need one with the same ingredients.

Tramadol brand change?

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Jj66 0 answers

I was sent a new brand of Tramadol with this months refill. I began that prescription a few days ago. I take 5/50mg pills per day. I'm experiencing severe pain since I began the new brand. I'm not having any other negative symptoms as of yet. Although I'm somewhat expecting ...

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