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Bisoprolol Questions

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What is the best time of day to take blood pressure medication?

Will Xanax assist my blood pressure meds in lowering my blood pressure?

I am currently taking 40 mg of Lisinopril and 10 mg of Bisoprolol. I have extreme anxiety that tends to blow my blood pressure through the roof. My Doctor has put me on Xanax 1 pill 3 times a day. I do not like taking pills at all (I even hate taking Tylenol for a headache). However I understand... read more

Is bisoprolol used to treat anxiety?

I have been taking bisoprolol for moderate high blood pressure and noticed it significantly reduced my anxiety. I am taking 10mg and quit smoking and now I'm having some side effects like short of breath, and intolerence of exersizing and excessive digestive issues. should I go down to 5mg?

Can bisoprolol fumerate cause complete hair loss?

My sister in law has lost all her hair since taking this drug over a very short period of time.

If I stop taking BISOPROLOL suddenly, can I just restart again to prevent any associated damage?

A week ago an ER dr told me to stop taking BISOPROLOL after he noticed that when I slept my blood pressure falls below 100/65, and my pulse falls below 44. I am being treated for a Heart Virus (10 mg BISOPROLOL), High Blood Pressure (Coversyl Plus), a bad ratio of HDL to LDL (Crestor), depression... read more

Has anyone experienced hair loss while on bisoprolol? Will it grow back?

I have heard that in some situations hair loss is experienced while on bisoprolol.I have been on it for about 1 1/2 years. I am a female and my hair has really become fine and thinned recently but my doctor does not feel this is the cause. Has anyone experienced this and have you switched blood... read more

Should I be taking Bisoprolol Fumerate 5mg along with Ramapril 10mg?

I am a 64 year old woman with a busy lifestyle as well as still working. I was taking Atenolol for approx. 7 years and felt fine. I was called for a bp test by the practice nurse at my GP surgery. She pronounced that my bp was 'too high for the practice' - 175 / 76 - and recommended that... read more

How long does bisoprolol rebound last after stopping the medication?

I have not had rebound hypertension (I have stopped because of hypotension and I never had high blood pressure anyway) but it is mainly sweating and anxiety. The other side effects I had have gone away

Can a 5mg Bisprolol tablet be cut in half?

When will my bisoprolol rebound symptoms end ?

I have only been on a 2.5 mg dose for a month. but I was told by an A & E doctor to stop them for 3 days before I did a treadmill heartcheck. The comedown was so bad ( dizziness. palpitations, panic attacks, chest pains, 24 hour headaches, nausea ) that I am now frightend to go back on the... read more

Can bisoprolol cause insomnia?

I've always had trouble sleeping and take zopiclone 7.5 now I've been put on 2.5 bisoprolol and am awake most of the night. Help I must get some sleep

Can bisoprolol fumarate cause you to sweat a lot?

High blood pressure - why does my bisoprolol lower my heart rate but doesn't control BP well?

But my Xanax brings it right down. It's like my Xanax controls my BP and my bisoprolol just lowers my heart rate?

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