A week ago an ER dr told me to stop taking BISOPROLOL after he noticed that when I slept my blood pressure falls below 100/65, and my pulse falls below 44. I am being treated for a Heart Virus (10 mg BISOPROLOL), High Blood Pressure (Coversyl Plus), a bad ratio of HDL to LDL (Crestor), depression (Effexor), digestion problems (Lomotil), and low-dose ASA as a blood thinner. I also take a number of natural remedies for various ailments.
I have been unable to contact my heart specialist since I stopped the BIS. Now I just remembered I am not supposed to stop this medication all at once, so I need to know at what dose I should return to taking it, and what rate to wean myself off it at.
So far I have noticed no ill effects, but I'm guessing that's only a matter of time.
Please help me ASAP. Thank you.