I am a 64 year old woman with a busy lifestyle as well as still working. I was taking Atenolol for approx. 7 years and felt fine. I was called for a bp test by the practice nurse at my GP surgery. She pronounced that my bp was 'too high for the practice' - 175 / 76 - and recommended that my GP change my medication. I was then given Ramapril along with Amlodopine. This caused my feet/ankles and lower legs to swell severely. I was then given Doxisocin but my blood pressure was even higher after 4 weeks of use. I have now been given Bisoprolol Fumate along with the Ramipril but am experiencing, dizzyness/light headed, severe nausea, ringing in my ears, diminished hearing, breathlessness, chest pains and severe headaches. I have spoken to the surgery (by telephone) and have been told to persevere but I have been taking this combination (plus simvistatin, bendroflumethiazide and coated asprin) for 4 weeks now and am feeling progressivly worse.
I have been monitoring my own bp which has been anything between 160/65 - 188/85 depending on what activities I have been doing during the day.
I am very worried about my situation and all the medication I keep being prescribed especially as my bp doesn't seem to 'conform' to the accepted readings.