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For all girls who think they may be pregnant: Please Read!

Posted 17 May 2013 by DzooBaby 52 answers

1. The pull-out method is not a method, you can still get pregnant - males secrete sperm all throughout the sex act. They cannot feel it and they certainly cant control it. Even if he doesnt see fluid when he masturbates it still occurs. Vaginal sex is much more intense than masturbation and sperm ...

Birth control - If you have unprotected sex during the placebo week, could you still get pregnant?

Posted 7 Mar 2011 by spinnerbait 5 answers

I feel like this is a really stupid question, but if you have taken birth control for a year and a half and have unprotected sex during the placebo week, could you still get pregnant?

Period on the active pills?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 by uknowho8822 5 answers

I've been on birth control for about 4 months, I've always gotten my period on inactive pill days. this month i got my period when im still taking the dark blue active pills. is that normal?

Nexplanon - How likely is it that I can get pregnant with the implant?

Posted 4 Dec 2013 by GracieWorld 25 answers

I got the implant (Nexplanon) about two months ago, and I haven't had any noticeable major side effects. I had my period on time the month after I got it, but now I'm eight days late for my period. I know that the implant can stop your periods entirely, but how quickly does this happen, ...

I am experiencing dark brown bleeding the day my period was supposed to start, am I pregnant?

Posted 28 Apr 2014 by thinkgreen004 7 answers

I am 19 years old, i am on birth control and i have sex without a condom on a regular basis. I am supposed to get my period this week but yesterday i started bleeding very dark blood, it has a lot of clots in it. It has some tints of like light red, I am sorry for the details, i just want to be ...

Girls worrying about pregnancy please read?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by kaismama 43 answers

Judging by the questions we've had this morning, this is needed. For All You Girls with Birth Control and Pregnancy Questions 1. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy. 2. You need penetration to get pregnant. 3. Any penetration with a naked penis can make you pregnant, it doesn't matter ...

When should you expect to get your period the first month on the pill & are abdomical pains normal?

Posted 12 Nov 2011 by jg29150 3 answers

I started ortho-tri-cyclen-lo the sunday after my period ended. I am 17 years old and I have never used birth control before. I got it at planned parenthood. I currently am going to take the last pill of the 3rd set of blue pills tomorrow and then I start the green inactive pills in the middle.. So ...

How long does it take to get pregnant after having Nexplanon removed?

Posted 18 Jun 2013 by ashleygould123 27 answers

i had gotten nexplanon implanted at my 6 week check up after having my daughter(sometime around aug 2012) i literally bled almost every single day besides a few weeks, and finally got it taken out 2 weeks ago, i was just wondering if i need to get on something right away or how long it takes for ...

Is it normal to bleed for a long time after getting Mirena inserted?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 by acn813 17 answers

I started my period two days before getting my Mirena inserted. I have now been bleeding for almost 5 weeks. It will nearly stop or seem to stop then start again within a day. Small pieces of what appear to be tissue are in the blood, which is a lot brighter red than my normal period. Is this ...

Nexplanon - I've been on my period for six weeks, what are my chances of it stopping anytime soon?

Posted 18 Sep 2013 by Love_Rice 29 answers

I got the Nexplanon inserted of July 13th, 2013 and about 3.5 weeks later I started my period, which was when it was supposed to on a normal cycle. But my period had now lasted six weeks and I'm wondering if its worth the wait to see if it'll stop, or if I should try a different birth ...

For all girls who think they may be pregnant and for girls with birth control questions?

Posted 24 Jul 2014 by DzooBaby 5 answers

I have posted this before but I think it is time to post it again! It is long but please read as this will answer a lot of questions you may have. 1. The pull-out method is not a method, you can still get pregnant-males secrete sperm all throughout the sex act. They cannot feel it and they ...

Help! I'm a 1st time user to the depo shot and I was given the shot off my cycle. I'm clueless!?

Posted 30 Jul 2010 by AlicesonChe_ri 21 answers

I was given the depo- provera shot while off my cycle. I was given a pregnancy test the same day and it was negative. The date of the test and shot was July 15th today, is the July29th. The last period I had ended on the June 27th. I have took a pregnancy test which was negative yesterday ( July ...

Fourth day into placebo pills and no period?

Posted 10 Apr 2014 by 1095 1 answer

I've been on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for about three years and haven't really had any issues with it although I am concerned now. I'm in my fourth day of the placebo pills and I still haven't gotten my period. My breasts are tender, but I have no cramping or anything. I'm ...

Will plan b work if I took it 3 times within two week?

Posted 6 Jan 2014 by Samanthalakes 5 answers

I know I messed up and I'm definitely going to get on a birth control i know plan b is for emergency only I learned my lesson. Please help :( I took plan b last week bled a week later . Now this week on the 2nd I took plan b then again on the 4th I was wondering if it will work? I took them ...

Can I get pregnant the day after I stop my birth control pill?

Posted 21 Nov 2014 by smilesbaby 8 answers

I started taking birth control because I was having bleeding in Between periods . I took them for about to and a half weeks. The middle of the third week which was monday I took my pill at 8pm . Then tuesday didnt take it anymore . And I havnt took any anymore . Well tuesday at almost midnight me ...

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