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Belbuca Questions

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Does Suboxone help with pain?

What are the different brands of buprenorphine?

What are the different brands of buprenorphine? What are the different dosage forms? What are they used for?

Is Belbuca a controlled substance?

Buprenorphine - what dose Belbuca do I need?

Doctor is switching me from Butrans patch to Belbuca buccal film because of my allergy to the adhesive. I was on a 20 mcg patch, what dose of belbuca should be equivalent?

Belbuca - How Long should it take until I can feel the effects of it working?

I am NOT the person taking the medication, but I am asking on behalf of the person that is...

Butrans - My first time taking Belbuca and I am wanting to cut it in half to take 75 mg to see...

... how well it works and how strong it is but it says to not cut it. I am wondering if it is safe?

Does Belbuca cause weight gain? I'm on 75mcg twice a day for a week now Gained like 6-8 pounds.?

I am on belbuca for Chronic pain in my neck with degenerative dics disease possible fibromyalgia. I'm on 15 mg Adderall so my weight stays right around 125-127 am at 134 Only 5'2

150 mcg would be equal how many mg?

Belbuca - Is anyone else getting severe insomnia? It is listed as a side effect, but mine is so...

... bad that even prescription meds cannot work on many nights.

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