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Buprenorphine - What will happen if I cut a Belbuca strip in half and take it when it's cut ?

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takento 7 Jan 2023

Was just wondering if anyone has gotten sort of an “Official Answer” to this question of: Can Belbuca be Cut in Pieces or in Half? I have seen about half people Online say Yes it’s Ok and about half that say “No” it’s Not Ok. Has Anyone had a Doctor or Pharmacist tell them directly “Yes it’s Ok”? Thanks in Advance.

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WildcatVet 8 Jan 2023

It's good practice not to rely on what people say online! Ask your pharmacist or Google "Endo Pharmaceuticals Customer Service" for more information.

Kingbuba 21 Feb 2020

I did this when my doctor increased the dosage and the insurance was dragging their feet approving the script. It worked fine.

Also, a friend who is a pharmacist said it is fine with oral films.

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Mamazee60 19 Feb 2020

I'm new to Belbuca, question is, can a cut it in half, surely I'm not the only one with this question.

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1ladygaga 14 May 2018

pain dr just told me to cut it or keep the whole strip in mouth for 10 minutes so i cut it in half ill let you all know how it works

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Batgirl95 15 March 2017

Any results? In the same situation ATM

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Kris33308 15 June 2016

I just did this and I will let you know in exactly 2 hours. I'm sure you have already tried. Lmk how it goes, if you don't mind. I'm very interested in this as well.

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Batgirl95 15 March 2017

Any results? In the same situation ATM and can't find anything else on this..

takento 21 June 2023

Any updates on this topic? Thanks free discount card

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