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Arimidex Questions

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How do I take Arimidex on a cycle and how much?

What happens when you stop taking Arimidex?

How soon do the side effects of Arimidex start?

Does anastrozole cause hair loss?

How long do side effects last after stopping Arimidex?

How much does Arimidex increase survival?

Arimidex - anyone else developed arthritis while taking this?

Since starting Arimidex 5 months ago, I have developed arthritis in my left knee which is rapidly becoming a problem. Anyone else experience this?

I have been taking 75mg Effexor to counteract the side effects of Arimidex for last 5 years. Now?

... stopped taking as at end of my Breast Cancer Treatment and starting to feel terrible. Sickness, aching, light headed etc. Anyone know if this is normal and how long it will last?

Can Arimidex cause nail flaking, splitting and dramatically thinning?

I am a 50yr old woman and am 2.5 years post-op stage 2, hormone receptor positive breast cancer. I had no chemo, only accelerated radiation treatment following surgery. Because of a total hysterectomy 10 years ago and now being deprived of any hormones, I take a myriad of medications including-... read more

Is a side effect of arimidex extreme exhaustion?

i have been on arimidex for 1 year and have start feeling achy all over and experience extreme exhaustiong for several months. i am aware of aches and pains as a side effect but should i feel so exhausted all of the time?

Is arimidex a form of chemotherapy?

Should I take Arimidex (anastrozole) after mastectomy?

I am 57. I had a mastectomy ( right) in February of 2020. No more cancer now. I am very concerned about the side effects. I presently have osteoarthritis. I have to get a bone density test also. I understand that I will also get nuclear medicine injection before density test. I have a 7% chance of... read more

Does Femara side effects ever subside?

Started with Arimidex but after 4 weeks of either diarrhea all week or constipation all week combined with fatigue & flatulence put on Femara. Femara fatigue better but upset stomach, flatulence (very stinky) and stomach always upset. Even if I cut back on eating it still there. Tried it at... read more

Why would arimidex cause trigger finger and is this condition harmful?

Why does this medication cause pain in lower right side? Why does mdication cause numbness in my left arm and hand which is also where I have 3 trigger fingers now.

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