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Cyproheptadine - prescribed or over-the-counter?

Posted 18 Feb 2015 by Sarah4567 1 answer

Is Periactin (cyproheptadine) an over-the-counter drug or does it have to be prescribed by your doctor?

Suddenly having bad side effects after over a year on Buspirone?

Posted 16 Dec 2017 by introverted_owl 1 answer

So I have been taking Buspar since Fall of 2016 after being diagnosed with anorexia and severe anxiety. In treatment they gradually upped the does until I was taking the max: 20 mg 3x a day. It worked wonderfully, and besides some tiredness, I had no issues with the drug. (Side note: I had also ...

Olanzapine - Does an increase in dosage cause more severe depression?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by erbear 1 answer

I suffer from severe anorexia and bulimia, severe anxiety and depression, and I've been on 10mg of Olanzapine for over 15 years and it has worked great, but recently my doc increased the dosage to 20mg... and I spiraled into very severe depression... I decreased the dosage back down to 10mg ...

Periactin - Is it otc? Where can I get it from USA?

Posted 20 Apr 2015 by cuzcuz73 3 answers

Can you buy it over the counter or does it have to be a prescription? I suffer from weight loss due to stress and it gets so bad I get migraines everyother day. I can't sleep or eat. I'm afraid by the time I snap out of it I will be so little ppl might think I was on drugs

Is there any way of buying cyproheptadine?

Posted 11 Sep 2017 by Mummy2008 0 answers

I'm desperate to put on weight. I've been to the doctors and his reply was eat basically. Which may I add I do! I just cannot put on weight and I'm loosing lbs! Gaining a few losing double. In desperate need now :(

Eating disorder and stomach ulcer?

Posted 2 Aug 2017 by niccage1234 0 answers

I have 3 stomach ulcers and have been on and off dealing with an eating disorder restrictive in nature. I wonder if the two have any correlation? I have not told my GI doctor about my eating history because I'm not underweight and I feel like he wouldn't believe me anyway. But ...

Methotrexate and anorexia?

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by ShadowDancer56 1 answer

Hi I'm a recovered anorexic which I've been anorexic for nigh on 30 years. I have just been diagnosed with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. The specialist I saw last week has put me on methotrexate 15mg once a week. And 5mg folic acid once a week. My main concern is that methotrexate will trigger my ...

Doctors can't figure out whats wrong with me?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by Kjmannion 1 answer

In high school and part of my college years I suffered from Anorexia combined with serious alcohol usage. Over a year ago I began to experience blurred vision. No floaters or weird lights or blackness or anything, just blurred vision like when you take your glasses off. It is better and worse some ...

What is causing this stomach and back pain? Could it be meds or my body giving up?

Posted 29 May 2016 by danilizm7603 2 answers

I love my declining health either do from anorexia damage or body just failing itself or combo of both. This is how I feel and tried to explain it. But it's hard to explain things and the amount of pain and types of pain. Pain in my stomach comes sudden,sharp, stabbing pain on lower left ...

Cyproheptadine - how long for drowsiness and sleepiness?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by kiing 1 answer

i'm on day 2 of cypro 2mg 1st day dizzy and sleepy day 2 dizziness calmed down but sleepiness is still there how long does this usually last ?

Is something wrong with my heart or is it all in my head?

Posted 25 Oct 2016 by Kjmannion 1 answer

To start off with, I had anorexia for 6 years combined with serious alcohol consumption. During the 6 years at my lowest weight (around 103) I felt some chest pain and it scared me so much I got back up to around 112 and it seemed to just go away. Fast forward to this year (I had anorexia through ...

Is it safe to take cyproheptadine apetamin tablets?

Posted 15 Oct 2015 by Lyn29 1 answer

Hi im breastfeeding mum,im underweight my baby is 11 months i heard this tablet can gain weight for 5 to 7 pounds a week.sometimes i feel ashame of myself.everytime i go out everyone staring at me saying im too i tried a lot but none works so i wanted to try this,question is do i need to ...

Can humans take cyproheptadine? Because I tried to purchase some but I read it's only for animals?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by MochaAmor 2 answers

Hey I'm Tashika I had a question I'm currently suffering from anorexia And was trying to order some cyproheptadine in the hopes of gaining weight gaining confidence in my self because I've been thin my whole life but when I tried to purchase some it says that the product is for ...

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