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Alcoholism Questions

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Does acamprosate make you sick if you drink alcohol?

What is the mechanism of action for naltrexone?

How long does it take for acamprosate to work?

Does acamprosate cause weight gain?

Is naltrexone a controlled substance?

How does acamprosate work?

How and where is the Vivitrol injection given?

Hi all, has anyone used Benzodiazepine's to quit drinking?

I know that Benzo's and alcohol work on the same receptors in your brain, and i've heard that Librium &/or Diazepam can help alcoholics to recover & stay off the drink. I've taken Librium at very short courses before when i've detoxed. Does anyone know the recommended... read more

Hi, has anyone got any experience with Vivitrol/Naltrexone injection?

..for use in alcoholics, to stay abstinent or to reduce volume of alcohol intake? Personal experience or a friend or family member that has used the monthly injection would be gratefully received. Looking for any advice, good or bad. Thank you!

Pain Management and Social Drinking Question?

I am with a new pain management group and I guess didn't realize how strict they have become about alcohol use. I have been in and out of pain management care since 2003 for chronic pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, back pain etc. Anyway the first time it showed up in my... read more

Can alcohol use show up on a hair follicle test?

What does medical abbreviation "hx of EtOh abuse" mean?

My Son might have this Problem, Related to hx of EtOH abuse. What is That ??

Discontinuing Naltrexone, any advice?

My prescription has just run out and i've decided to discontinue treatment. I wonder if any one has any advice about how i can expect to feel? I've been taking it for a couple of years to aid abstaining from alcohol

Can Vivitrol cause a false positive in a urine drug test?

I am looking for anyone with information on if Vivitrol can cause a false positive result on a urinalysis. My husband received a vivitrol injection to help with alcoholism... 7 weeks later he had to take a urinalysis. It came back positive for meth, amphetamines, and methadone. He claims he has... read more

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