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How to come off an addiction to pain pills without rehab?

Posted 1 Aug 2011 by kadensmom 17 answers

i need to know how to get off pain killers without going to rehab. i have a very bad pain pill addiction but dont have time to go to rehab because of work. i will take just about any pain pill. lortab, darvocet, percocet, morphine, tramadol, anything and i cant stop taking them i have to have them ...

Should I leave my husband because of his drug addiction?

Posted 19 Jan 2012 by mm2012 19 answers

I have been with my husband for over years, married for one year. Together we have two small children and one on the way but as of lately I cannot deal with the stress anymore. I keep thinking that the addiction will get better and one day he will change ans become a better person. He does things ...

Addiction - Does anyone know how much percocets (30) cost on the street? What about Methodone?

Posted 22 Mar 2011 by brokenheartx100 13 answers

My husband is addicted to pain pills and owes drug dealers money. How much could he possibly owe? And should I be concerned that a pill dealer could come and hurt my family. He says he has been clean for 2 months but I found methodone which he said doesn't "cost anything". I want out ...

How long does oxycodone or (roxies) stay in your system?

Posted 2 Aug 2011 by Stealich 5 answers

My son had an addiction and was sent to a detention center for 5 days. He had not done them for 6 days but when he got out, he tested positive for oxicodone. How is this possible? Are there cases when it can stay in your system longer? He was doing about 60 - 90 mgs a day. Can it stay in your ...

What in the heck shows up as Morphine on a drug test?

Posted 20 Mar 2012 by Jenail 6 answers

I swear on my kids lives that I have NEVER taken meds that were not prescribed to me and Morphine showed up. I'm being dismissed by my doc because of this. I'm mortified!! Please let me know if you have any idea how this could happen.

Where does alprazolam (xanax) R 039 yellow divided tablet rate in regards to addiction and strength?

Posted 11 Sep 2011 by Crazyhorse14 2 answers

There are so many different types of xanax or alprazolam. I'm trying to figure out why my doc prescribed this particular pill. I want to know which ones are the most addictive but effective.

Tramadol - can it cause severe headaches, How long does it stay in your system and how can I quit?

Posted 14 Nov 2010 by ClaudiaE 6 answers

I have killer headaches every day. I've been taking Tramadol for about 7 years. A doctor prescribed it to me for my backpain, at the beginning I took 2 50mg pills and then 1 every 8 hrs. They took care of the pain for quite some time, but then I had to increase the dose, taking 2 at a time. It ...

Pregnancy - 5-12 NORCO 10/325 a day while pregnant! Please reassure me! I am 8-12 weeks along?

Posted 29 Jan 2013 by And702 5 answers

... JUST found out in pregnant, I was completely clean off everything in the month (I'm guessing) I got pregnant (still waiting to for sonogram), but before I knew I was expecting, there was 3-4 weeks I was consistently taking 5-12 a day, along with smoking 1/2 a pack of cigarettes... I'm ...

Is zoloft addictive or a narcotic?

Posted 9 Dec 2011 by samarsh 3 answers

I have a drug addiction and I am in recovery the doctor I went and saw prescribed it to me and he said it wasn't but the feeling I get wen I take them gets me high is the doc rite or is he a quack?

How do I go about getting on Suboxone, I am addicted to opiates?

Posted 13 Sep 2010 by ashleysmom 8 answers

I have been addicted to one opiate or another since my daughter was born in 1992. Ive been reading a... lot of you talking about suboxone. I would like to stop this addiction once and for all. How do I go about getting on this?

Does suboxone really help with both physical & psychological withdrawals from lortab addiction?

Posted 14 Apr 2012 by Chillyshrimp7 10 answers

I've been addicted to lortab for over a year now (I'm up to abt 80-90 10mg tabs a week.) I was prescribed lortab after a surgery and while I was on them I went through a divorce and they (well I thought they) helped through that stressful time. Now they are controlling my life and I want ...

Does the urinalysis test come back differently for those who snort their oxycontin versus those who?

Posted 4 Aug 2010 by Painfully frustrated 4 answers

... swallow - I am wondering because I have had reports coming back as short or over as far as what the levels should be. I take these on a regular basis but if I am in a lot of pain I will cut off a bit to snort for an immeadiate effect. Also I am on wellbutrin and alprazolam (zanex) and my ...

What can I do to avoid the horrible cold feeling I get from opiate withdrawal?

Posted 30 Oct 2011 by TeddyDB 5 answers

I have been addicted to oxycodone("Roxies") for over a year, I use between 2 and 7 30mg tablets a day, and I obtain them on the streets so I am wrecked financially because of my addiction. I've been trying to quit, but the worst part of the withdrawal is that when ever I attempt to ...

Addicted to Valium - how do I get off it?

Posted 18 Jan 2008 by Shattered 8 answers

Would someone please be able to help me. I have panic/anxiety disorder, as well as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Agoraphobia and Depression. I have been using Valium for 5 years, but not on a daily basis. In the beginning I was able to go weeks without taking Valium. Recently, I voluntarily ...

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