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When is the best time to take strattera (morn,lunch, or bedtime) and should it be taken with food ?

Posted 10 May 2013 by MegineC 3 answers

my 15 yr old son is going to start taking strattera next week in place of his adderall xr he had a difficult time with the adderall not sleeping or eating. i want to make sure he takes the strattera the right way, and make sure he benefits from it with the least possible side affects he is starting ...

Does Adderall XR and Ativan cancel each other out?

Posted 21 Jan 2013 by Stacy_C 4 answers

Vyvanse 50mg, stronger dose???

Posted 11 Nov 2014 by natalien704 3 answers

I'm on Vyvanse 50mg and feel like it's just not strong enough. I used to be on Adderall and also tried Adderall XR. I was given Adderall 20mg -3 times a day and it seemed to be an okay dosage amount for me. I'm trying to find that equivalent dose of Adderall to what I should take ...

Adderall XR - anyone had weight gain while taking Adderall?

Posted 2 May 2011 by fara35 7 answers

ive been on adderall for a month now... it makes me very hyper..anyways im gaining weight instead of loosing..i dont understand..anyone else havein this problem?

Adderall XR - I've recently been wondering if I may have ADHD & should get tested?

Posted 20 Feb 2013 by AAJ 4 answers

How do I go about getting tested for ADHD? I have many friends that take adderall and they tell me it's amazing and I really should talk to my doctor. But does the doctor test me or do I have to go to a testing center? Is it expensive to get tested? I work at least 30 hours a week as a ...

Can Adderall XR make you tired and feel sick?

Posted 8 Apr 2015 by Destiny93465 3 answers

I was on this medicine as a child but I don't remember much about how it affected me. Now I'm 19 and in college and just been put on it again because teachers recommended it. I talked to my doctor and he has me taking 5Mg a day and every week going up to another 5 to see what dose works. ...

Adderall IR 30 mg 2 times a day is equivalent to how much Adderall XR? For many years I was taking?

Posted 3 Apr 2015 by vbeme 1 answer

... Adderall IR 30 mg 2 times a day and I asked my doctor to switch me to XR. When he did so he prescribed me 30 mg XR one time a day and it isnt working very well. If i understand from my recent research, this is not equivalent to 30 mg IR two times a day... my new dose should be 60 mg XR one time ...

I took four 20mg adderall XR tablets through the day, did I overdose?

Posted 2 Dec 2011 by cacr783 3 answers

I am a full time student taking 16 credits, I font feel any pain in my chest, dizziness, or shortness of breath but I am worried that I might have overdosed, I just feel kinda strung out at the moment. Will I be okay? Please any serious comment are very much appreciated

Is name brand Adderall xr better than generic?

Posted 22 Aug 2015 by kaw06 3 answers

I've been on Adderall xr 15mg for over a year. It helps some but i could be better. my doc just put me on 20 mg xr reCently, and it is not working as well as the lesser dose! ? How can that be? And how can i tell my doctor without sounding like a nut? Has anyone had experience wIth name brand ...

Is Adzenys XR-ODT the same as Adderall XR?

Posted 5 May 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Adderall XR -f I stop taking Adderall, will I be able to function and eventually focus without it?

Posted 4 days ago by msc1998 1 answer

... couldn't focus. I thought it helped. I lost 15 pounds and looked great, but I notice how much happier I am when I don't take it. And it drives me crazy knowing I have to take it to be able to function. I want to be normal. My doctor didn't diagnose me with ADD or ADHD. She just ...

I have anxiety/panic disorder along with bipolar II and Adhd. Can I take adderall?

Posted 5 Nov 2016 by tommyorwhatever85 4 answers

My psychiatrist has prescribed me a 5mg dose of Adderall XR because they feel as though I have ADHD seeing as I scored very high on the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and they've seen some of the behavior in me as well. I also scored EXTREMELY high on anxiety. I can't ...

What Are The Different Generic Manufacturers for Adderall XR 30 milligram?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by Gbyme 0 answers

I've Known Manufacturer: TEVA Is Not working Properly an I'm not 1 to complain but I've seriously Had Enough , if someone knows a Better Manufacturer PLZ HELP ME I feel dr. Isn't Listening . I try not to take daily An find if Its my system TEVA isn't helping I'd like ...

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