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Acyclovir Questions

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How fast should Acyclovir work?

Posted 1 Aug 2014 by helpp_30 2 answers

I was told that I have herpes yesterday, but I feel like I waited too long to go to the dr, this is my 1st outbreak & it's absolutely the worst pain in my life . The dr gave me this med 400mg 3x a day . When will I find some relief ? So far I've taken 4 pills since yesterday & ...

Can the shingles vaccine cause a genital herpes outbreak?

Posted 13 Nov 2014 by artsyrsc 7 answers

I got my vaccine on a Friday, felt headachy and rundown all weekend. By Tuesday I was getting an outbreak. I hadn't had one in a pretty long time and I take acyclovir when I do. Coincidence or a side effect of the vaccine?

What would be the benefit to taking valacyclovir vs acyclovir?

Posted 30 Jul 2013 by chintzia 1 answer

Pt is 82 has had shingles x3d

Is taking acyclovir 200mg 5 times a day safe?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by Amandb423 1 answer

Acyclovir - Does anyone know how many hours apart to take the medication?

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by HerpHerps229 1 answer

I've had herpes simplex virus for a little over 4 months now I found out my current boyfriend unknowingly gave it to me because my blood test was negative and my swab was positive. Anyways I was taking them morning lunch and night but the directions don't specify how far apart to take the ...

Substitute for acyclovir?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Sam sung 1 answer

Doctor gave me the wrong dose for Acyclovir, I think. Thought I was getting Shingles. She said I?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by mollyblue 1 answer

would be taking 5 times a day, but the medicine I received has 400 mg oral every 8 hours. It has been 2 days and I am getting worse. What should I do since the 72 hours has passed? I have called the doctors office already.

Are there any drugs that should not be used with Acyclovir?

Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Cshell57 0 answers

Is it safe to take Benadryl for very itchy bug bites along with aciclovir? I am getting several bright red and itchy marks on my legs mainly, but on my arms too.

Milk of Magnesia - does it block the BSORPTION OF MEDICATIONS?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by kittylove55 0 answers

Like gabapentin, fish oil, magnesium, tumeric capsule, tramadol, acyclovair, mobic?

I need an "as needed" vs take daily med to help with stress/anxiety.?

Posted 8 Jul 2016 by Laura222 1 answer

I just had a mini stroke, and they are treating me for Bell's palsy with prednisone and acyclovir. The Drs I am dealing with are very helpful, but I can't afford to keep going back to talk to them about EVERYTHING I am going through as it changes with out sounding like a hypochondriac... ...

My doc prescribed me Acyclovir?

Posted 20 Apr 2016 by Im_so_scared 0 answers

And said I have a form of herpes, but that after I take this for a week I should be ok and it will go away forever. After looking at everyone's stories though... I'm afraid I might have genital herpes. I was tested 2 months ago and everything came back clean what could be happening to ...

Am I suppose to take Acyclovir even if I currently do not have a cold sore?

Posted 19 Dec 2015 by helpmet 2 answers

I woke up with an out break yesterday on my lip and what I usually do is soak a Q-tip with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to dry out the cold sore, and I also use non prescription creams for cold sores like L-lysine cream or Campho-phenique but I came across Zovirax or Acyclovir ointment on a YouTube ...

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